It Takes a Village


I work as a lawyer at the Connecticut Legislature.  These past three weeks mark the end of the 2014 legislative session, and with that comes insanely long hours, high stress, and lots of heavy legal lifting.  Long hours mean me leaving work between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 in the morning.  Here’s where my villagers come in.  Without the help of my parents, my in-laws, and extended family, my Husband would be flying solo every night for dinner, bath, and bed for the past three weeks.  And OMG what a huge help it has been to have family that lives close by and willingly offer to have dinner ready and on call for daycare pick ups.  The big bonus is that Jake & Livvy get extra time with Nonni & Poppy and Grandma & Grandpa, and in turn, they get a little spoiled with ice cream served for dessert, and later than usual bed times!  I, however, get a phone full of pictures texted to me all night, and face time dates before bed!


Here’s an example of what I’ve been getting sent to me these past couple weeks.


Oh, and BTW, Livvy?  She’s CRAWLING.  YEAH.  In the last week that I’ve been at work until the wee hours of the morning, Livvy has gone from sitting to crawling.  True story.



Crawling? Really?



2 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. Oh, you know I can relate to this, as I’ve been the sender of the pictures these past few weeks! Honestly, I do not look forward to this time of year, but am so glad it’s over! And how happy were you to get pictures of those sweet faces? Crawling — ahhhhh!

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