Little People

There is very little that I like more than when my daughter gets into a groove with her toys and plays by herself. One of the reasons I love it so much is because she doesn’t have any siblings and it gives me faith that she’ll be able to entertain herself and won’t be stuck on my leg for the rest of her life. Although, there is this little part of me that thinks it’s pretty cool that someone likes me so much that they’re literally begging to hang out with me.

Little People, great big world.
Little People, great big world.

Another reason that I like this solo-play is because I find it fascinating to watch her and listen to her chatter on. One of my girlfriends made a good point a while back: sometimes all you want your kids to do is to do their own thing — sit down and quietly play with their toys. And then, when they finally do, you just want to get on the floor and play with them … even though “they” say that playing alone is good for independence, self-soothing, and imagination.

My nearly three year old daughter is currently totally into Little People. I’ll admit, I’m currently totally into Little People too. We set up the castle, barn, campsite, vehicles, as well as a multitude of princesses, superheroes, and emergency personnel to create “Little People City”. I don’t know who came up with the name, OK? But it’s a good name, yes? *Hint: It was me.*

What I find so fascinating are the conversations that she has between these little folks. She makes them talk, like, real little conversations. She makes them interact. Some Little People are only allowed to drive certain vehicles, some are friends, some are involved in more serious relationships (woo, woo). And some LP are very fresh: they knock down other LP. Some check to make sure everyone is OK, giving kisses or doling out medical advice: “Go to bed and have a cup of water.” I hear her say things that I have said or that my husband has said. But sometimes I’m like, Where the hell did she learn that?! Must’ve been Dad.

But my point is, it’s so amazing that she is just constantly taking in conversations, feelings, interactions, music, body language, tone, facial expressions, etc., and then running it through her tiny filter. And what I see in front of me is a Little Person. I hope for the best and I guide where I can.

And I cross my fingers that she’s the Little Person administering kisses on boo-boos and not the Little Person launching others across Little People City or dropping them from the top of the silo.

5 thoughts on “Little People

  1. Haha, that last line made me laugh out loud.

    My kids are almost never alone so I haven’t experienced this yet, but they do roleplay with each other and it is the coolest thing ever. One pretends to be the store owner and the other is the customer buying groceries; one pretends to be the dog walker and the other pretends to be the dog. It really is amazing how they have taken their little worlds around them in and know how to process it in such a way that they can act it out. When did our babies become legit LITTLE PEOPLE?!

  2. I loved the Little People stage! And I love that she plays by herself like this. My only child is good at that too, which is a huge relief. And it gives me a break.

  3. When my son was that age he was obsessed with the movie CARS. Naturally, he had little Matchbox size replicas of all his favorite characters and would do the same thing – have them act out what he saw at home and at school with his little cars. I really believe that doing this gives kids an opportunity to work through their worldview in a very safe and imaginative way. By the way…my only child was, and continues to be, really, really good at entertaining himself too – only now, he imagines that he’s a basketball superstar on the courts, or a major league baseball player stepping up to the plate – point is, he is STILL working through his dreams and goals through play. 🙂

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