Coffee is my Gatorade


Remember when Dunkin’ Donuts had that ridiculously large coffee, “The Great One”?  I say “ridiculous” because back when I didn’t have kids the size of that mammoth coffee was just that- mammoth and incomprehensible to me.  And yet, here I am, at my desk filling up my Large Dunkin’ cup with extra work coffee, because I am running out of mom energy by the time 2:00 hits.

Oh, Great One, where art thou?  Were there not enough tired mommas out there showing you love?  I’m here officially on a campaign to bring back XXL Coffees everywhere!

Coffee is my Gatorade.  And when summer hits, you bet i’ll be sportin’ a large iced coffee as a permanent accessory right along with my handbag.  Really- it’s what gets me through the day instead of tromping around like the walking dead.

So what about you, Momma?  What are you drinking that keeps you going? Or do you choose an energy bar or shot of a 5 hour energy bottle?  With two kids and a full time job, I don’t even want to think about life without my large blueberry coffee with 2 Equals and skim milk!

4 thoughts on “Coffee is my Gatorade

  1. I know it’s your crazyyyyy time of year at work, hang in there! If you run out of coffee I’m close by 🙂

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