The Parent’s Dictionary


Remember way back when in the days B.C. (before children) when life was easy? Undoubtedly, with the birth of your children, things have changed. Below are a few terms that you may have used before that have taken on an entirely different meaning since you’ve become a parent!

Welcome to the Parent’s Dictionary.

Happy Hour – That precious time between when the kids are (finally) asleep and the moment you conk out on the couch.

Vacation – Two adults and at least one child sharing a hotel room for one week and trying to convince yourself that you’re relaxing and having fun.

Booty Call – When your kid poops in the middle of the night. To change or not to change the diaper…that is the question.

Blow Out – You used to worry about having one of these on the highway…now you worry about your baby having one when you don’t have a change of clothes.

All-Nighters – What happens when you have a sick kid.

Hook Up – Buckling your child into their car seat

Afternoon Delight – When your toddler naps longer than an hour.

Party – It’s no longer a verb or about you…it’s something that happens on Saturday afternoons with a dozen other toddlers and their parents.

Dressed Up – Wearing pants that don’t contain Lycra.

Work-Out – Lifting the double stroller into your trunk while holding a squirming two year old.

Clean – Not filthy

 Brain Dead – How you feel most of the time.



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