Peeps Easter Wreath Family Craft

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest.

My initial thought was that it was cute but that it had to have been impossible to do.  I clicked on the link and realized a few things:

1) It really wasn’t hard at all

2) It really wasn’t expensive at all

3) It was totally a craft I could do with the kids

Armed with my crafty confidence I scooped up the girls and headed to Joann where we got a foam wreath and some wire ribbon.  I was able to use two coupons so I saved some money on my $5 wreath and $6 ribbon. Next stop grocery store for a container of toothpicks and peeps.  You will need lots of peeps.  I started with 80 and had to have Honey go back out for 100 more.  We didn’t  use all of those 100 but we came close.  A large box of peeps was on sale 2/$1 and the toothpicks were something like $2.50.

Once you have all your supplies you’re ready to assemble.  The assembly took a few days only because you need the peeps to harden a bit before you start layering them on, otherwise it’s tough to turn the wreath and keep the bunnies in place.  We ended up doing a row and then leaving it for the day and then coming back the next day to do another row.  Lovey and I did the last few on Saturday morning before we added the ribbon.

All you have to do is stab the toothpick into the foam wreath and then stick the bunny onto the toothpick.  I went ahead and stabbed a row of toothpicks so then the girls could put the bunnies on.  Toothpick stabbing is most likely an adult job for this project if you have young kids, mostly because the foam is quite stiff.

photo 4

Once you have a first row down around the outside you can add another layer and then fill in the spots where the wreath is still showing.  The girls enjoyed finding new places for me to put toothpicks (might be why we needed so many peeps).  The inside of the wreath was the trickiest and we finished that up on a morning when Kitten wasn’t home.  Once all the wreath is covered a simply cut a piece of wire ribbon and tied it on the wreath.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

From start to finish I’d say the whole thing took us an hour or two.  Is it perfect?  Hardly.  Did the girls and I have fun?  You bet!  Which makes it a success in  my book.  It was a bit messy because the peep sugar kept falling off while we worked, but otherwise it was a simple craft to involve the kids in.  I will admit that some peeps were eaten during this process, but that’s to be expected, right?   The best part is that we can use it in future years.  After Easter I plan to wrap it in some tissue paper and store it away.  If it looks shabby next year, no biggie, it was cheap and fun and we can always do it over.

photo 2

Have I encouraged anyone to get crafty?

All crappy iPhone photos C. Fuss

Thanks to Kelly at Eclectically Vintage for the inspriration!

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