Facts to Make Parents Feel Better About Life

My younger son, previously my sweet, easy-going, mellow child, is turning three soon. Three. Three is my least-favorite age. Terrible Twos have nothin’ on the Terrifying Threes. It’s been a long week of meltdowns and power struggles over here, combined with January-like weather at the end of March, so I thought I’d share some “Facts to Make Parents Feel Better About Life”, compiled by yours truly, to brighten the spirits of anyone in the same boat this week!

So cheers to you, fellow parents. Keep on truckin’.

photo-152 *I made this statistic up, but it sounds about right to me.

13 thoughts on “Facts to Make Parents Feel Better About Life

  1. I’ve heard about that picky eater theory, but if that’s true, then why don’t toddlers hesitate to eat crayons and sidewalk chalk or drink soapy bath water?

  2. Wow – this is so comforting! I have to ask Lillian a million times every morning to come get her shoes and jacket on. That rush to get out the door and into the car is my most stressful part of the day!

    1. Mine too!! I find that I actually have about 20 SUPER stressful minutes in each day (heading out, cooking dinner, just before bed) but those few minutes cause me BOATLOADS of stress haha…

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