A House Becomes a Home

We got a new house! It needed a fresh coat of paint, some new wallpaper, and carpeting. And we’ll need to go furniture shopping soon. Looks like our weekends will be busy, but it’s bringing my family together in new ways. And you know what the best part is? It was free!

Oh, did I mention that it’s a dollhouse? Seriously though, I don’t think that if someone gave me a real house I’d be any happier. I always wanted a dollhouse as a child — like, a real wood dollhouse. When friends posted on Facebook that they were getting rid of one and that it needed to go, my husband and I were ALL OVER IT. We had been casually looking for one for our toddler-aged daughter up until that point. By the end of the day, that baby found a home on our dining room table. And there may have been a couple of trips taken to Lowe’s. The front of the house is currently under renovation: exterior paint to match our own house, shutters painted and glued down. Still, with half of it being under construction, the back of the house is in use most of the time by my daughter. Or maybe me. CP has been helping her Dad work on the house; and he has been explaining what he’s doing along the way. I love watching them quietly spend time together doing things. It just satisfies a need for family connectedness that warms my heart on unspeakable levels.

So, my husband and I wanted to have a date night this weekend and I called my mom last-minute to see if she wouldn’t mind doing a little toddler-wrangling. She was having a funky day, and feeling a little blue. I mentioned that CP wanted to show Grandma her dollhouse. I got an immediate “YES” to my babysitting request! Apparently my mother had always wanted a dollhouse as well. The obvious question was: So why didn’t I have one as a child growing up?? Another story for another day. She was so excited just thinking about the prospect of making tiny quilts and looking for furniture! She informed me that she wanted “in on this”. She even divulged that she had informed my stepfather after seeing a magazine called Miniatures years ago that she wanted to get into miniatures. Apparently he was like, “you’re not getting a dollhouse.” I agreed. Slow your roll, Mom. There’s a fine line between having a hobby and falling down the rabbit hole. (Anyone who knows my mother or me knows that this is a risk.)

Needless to say, my mom came over and those two had a blast! And it fulfilled each of them on many levels. By the time we got home from our adult dinner, my mom said she was feeling much more chipper. And of course my daughter, who was out cold, regaled me the next morning with her awesome time with Grandma.

The nicest things to know was in regard to the history of this house.  Apparently, the previous owners loved it very well. It had been passed down in their family and held many memories. So the idea of this sweet little I-loved-you-before-I-even-met-you house falling into our laps was perfect. Add in the fact that I’m a sucker for all things tradition and this was a match made in heaven. Hopefully we can gain the same kind of memories as the family before did and make that little dollhouse a dollhome.

7 thoughts on “A House Becomes a Home

  1. How awesome that you’re restoring that doll house together as a family. I love that you’re making it look your actual house! How fun for all of you.

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