My Team of Working Moms

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Just a few of the moms that support me!

When I started working at my company nearly seven years ago, none of the women here were moms. None of us were even married then! My how times have changed. Now there are four moms here and I can’t tell you how valuable these women have been in my life as a working mom. I’m sad to say that one of my best mom co-workers is now moving on to another opportunity and the rest of us working moms are so sad to see her go. She has been a role model and a pioneer for us. She was integral in getting our company to offer a short-term disability plan, which ultimately allowed us each to get paid for an additional six weeks of maternity leave. She paved the way for each of us to come back from maternity leave with reduced hours and has championed keeping that schedule long after our babies were infants. She’s made returning to work infinitely easier for all of us. She’s our Pinterest, crafting and party planning guru. She’s our style consultant, helping us dress appropriately as moms, while making sure we stay away from mom jeans. We’re all on this working mom roller coaster together and I’m sad that today we’re down one rider over here. So, in honor of our first working mom moving on, here are some of the reasons I’m glad I get to hang out with these great moms everyday.

I have someone to talk to about my concerns. I can discuss anything with my co-workers and I know I’m lucky for that. We can talk about all aspects of raising children including eating, sleeping, discipline and lots more. I have three unique perspectives on any given subject related to raising children. I can take it or leave it when it comes to advice, but I have to say I’ve been lucky to feel like these women are on the same page that I am when it comes to pretty much all issues.

I never feel judged. Seriously, never ever. I have never heard one of them say something unkind about another mom and I feel sure that they would never say anything negative about me or my choices. They are open, caring, respectful and kind women.

We’ve got each other’s backs. I work at a small company and if one of us has to be out, the others all work hard to pick up any extra work where we can. We make sure we meet deadlines early so that the flexible hours we work won’t impede upon client satisfaction. We make each other feel less guilty about having to be out of the office.

We have a lot of fun. Whether it’s telling the latest story about something hilarious our preschooler said or running out at lunch to grocery shop because it’s the only time we can get it done, we have a great time together.

They are raising amazing children. While we don’t get together often outside of the office, when we do I love seeing our children play together. It’s lovely to see wonderful women bringing up beautiful human beings.

So while I am really sad to see my friend go, I am excited to see her flourish in her new opportunity. She’s been a great friend to me as a mom and as a co-worker and I’m lucky to have been able to see her every day for the last seven years. Best of luck in your new adventure Michelle!

7 thoughts on “My Team of Working Moms

  1. One of my favorite posts! 😉 I will definitely miss you keeping me spending hours at Target on our lunch break! haha! I sure miss you mammas!

  2. I know the mom sitting in the chair directly below you. Her son and my daughter were in the same daycare class together many years ago. It’s so nice to work in a supportive environment with other moms who get it!

  3. Oh, this is really nice! It’s awesome that you have that kind of support from one group of people — especially when it’s the people that you spend more time with than anyone else in your life sometimes!

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