Magical Monday: Top Ten Things About My Two Year Old


Ahhhh, two year olds. This is the third time I’ve had to go through the “terrible two’s,” and while I will attest that it’s really the three year old that gives us the biggest run for our money, two year olds certainly aren’t a walk in the park either. It’s not easy to see all the sweetness give way to endless “NO’s!” and endless whining, but I really don’t want to stop enjoying my Kai’s presence. He has been such an easy child and such a blessing~ so full of light and joy. I have often said he’s the best thing that’s happen to all of us as a family, as he had the ability to light all of us up, no matter how we were feeling. And while his behavior and temperament is…undergoing construction…I do want to honor him and let him be who he needs to be right now. Even if it’s a dictator and primadonna. So I need to change my perspective a bit.

I know that the more I focus on the things I don’t like, the more I’ll see them. The more I resist his two-year-oldness, the more it will persist. So I’m dedicating my post today to all the things I just love about my 2 year old Kai, so I can see those more clearly and remind myself that there is still so much sweetness under that 2 year old guise.

Top Ten Things About My 2 year Old:

1.) His smile can melt anyone and anything. With his big blue eyes and his adorable dimples, he’s just irresistible when he smiles.

2.) He asks for and offers hugs while saying “Let’s have some love.” His hugs are so warm and tight and just plain awesome.

3.) The way he plays with our dog, Lilah, so fearlessly. They’ve had a special bond since he was a baby and have always had their own playtime. When he was little, playtime was comprised of Lilah licking him over and over and Kai laughing like silly. Now they’ve graduated to wrestling, and while Lilah is as gentle as she can be for an 80 pound dog, she still hurts him every time with her big paws. Playtime often ends up in a few tears for Kai, but he is never deterred. He loves his dog so much that a few boo-boo’s just can’t get in the way. I really admire that.

4.) I love that this kid will eat just about anything I give him. It’s so refreshing after having two very particular eaters. Not only will he eat anything, he’ll eat a ton of it. I swear this kid eats more than his two brothers put together. I have no idea where he puts it, as he’s the first baby I’ve had that didn’t have any chub whatsoever, but he sure does enjoy his food. And I enjoy watching him enjoy his food.

5.) He’s always up for anything. A trip to the store or just going outside is always met with such enthusiasm.

6.) He still wakes up with a smile on his face every morning.  (I would LOVE to wake up with a smile on my face every morning.)

7.) His love for all things trucks, tractors and trains is unparalleled.  He brings them to bed and wakes up so excited to see them in the morning.

8.) The joy he can find in each moment.

9.) He runs on his tip-toes, like his feet are not quite touching the Earth yet.

10.) He makes me question my “no’s” to him, expanding me to think about what really matters and what doesn’t. Perhaps if I’m a little more lenient of his two-year-old-ness, it wouldn’t be so terrible.

Happy Magical Monday. ♥


12 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Top Ten Things About My Two Year Old

  1. Love that picture! Big dog fan over here. And toddler fan. Your posts are always so great. Where in the world do you come up with things like: ” … like his feet are not quite touching the Earth yet.”? Awesome. I think I need some of your magic.

  2. I’m with you on the threes giving us a run for our money compared with the twos.

    I have to say that when my kids were two, their squishy face cries were JUST TOO CUTE. Their faces are still babyfaced at that age and it’s so pathetically cute. Now at three, they have big kid faces, so when they cry, they look like crying kids… Haha

    1. omg, that last line made me chuckle… ( And MAN, I can’t imagine having two 3 year olds at the same time! oy vey!)

  3. I’m going to join you in this list, since I have a 2 year old myself (almost 3, yikes!!)

    *I love her big bear hugs – she wraps both her hands around my neck and squeezes. It’s the best thing ever.
    *I love her voice. Seriously. She has the cutest voice. I love hearing her sing and talk (OK, *most* of the time)
    *I love her big brown eyes and how they light up when she’s excited
    *I love seeing her develop her vocabulary and the weird/funny things she says. Yesterday I asked her a question and she replied “Yes. Indeed.”
    *I love that she gets excited about things I like, like lotus flowers, meditation and things like that.

    1. oh how cute to hear her say “yes, indeed.” And I love that she loves the things you do. I tell ya, this exercise in appreciation works ~ Kai and I have had a wonderful day together and I can’t even remember what I was complaining about…for now. 😉

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