True confessions: a smattering of parenting truths

Last week for #Moms4Moms Day, I shared a True Confession and am back with a few more I wanted to get off my chest:

When I use a public restroom, I always rip off a few sheets of toilet paper and discard them before using some myself. I do this because I want to only use paper that no one has perceivably touched. No, I’m not a huge germaphobe (in fact, for example, I always remember too late that I should probably have my daughter, not to mention myself, wash her hands before eating a meal or snack, but never remember in advance). Yes, I realize my cell phone that I never clean probably carries more germs than the public bathroom. I do the thing with the toilet paper anyway.

Play dates hold me accountable for cleaning my house. Sorry family, you aren’t enough to keep it up most days. But knowing that I’ll have people over that aren’t here often is usually the kick in the pants I need to wipe down the bathroom sink, probably get the dishes in the dishwasher, and make sure you at least have somewhere to put your shoes when you come in the house. Just don’t look too closely, it’ll still be pretty dusty in here. And mirrors. I never clean my mirrors.

I have not tired of watching Frozen with my daughter. Same goes for listening to the soundtrack, which we clearly needed to download from iTunes and listen to in the car. And at bathtime. And at all breaks in the day when we’re not watching the movie. I’m only slightly exaggerating. I promise that my daughter isn’t spending the entire day in front of the TV but we’ve had what we’ll call a healthy dose of Frozen around here. Besides, the songs are catchy and the story of love between sisters gets me every time.

My house was never really baby-proofed and I haven’t really toddler proofed either. The best we did was put up a gate when my daughter was smaller to reign her in, but we’ve done little-to-nothing else. Nora just never got into stuff and actually listened when we told her to avoid certain areas. I apologize to anyone who visits with their children that there’s not a lot done in that sense around here.

Who else wants to join me in a True Confession?

5 thoughts on “True confessions: a smattering of parenting truths

  1. Before people come over to visit, I throw as much as I can in our coat closet and PRAY that it doesnt bust open! 🙂

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