Sneaking in Vegetables

Kids are picky, crazy and change their minds about ten million times a day. This is no different when it comes to eating. Sometimes my kid is a rock star who will try a piece of sushi, spicy guacamole, or sausage but the one thing over and over again that always presents a problem is vegetables.

Yup looks about right

Do not get me wrong he will sometimes eat peas or carrots but overall if he sees green it is a no go.

I understand completely and do not go crazy forcing food down, but I do want to make sure he gets his proper nutrition. Since my son is only 20 months old I feel if I can get lots of fruit, healthy grains and at least one or two servings of some veggies I feel like a rock star. So I wanted to include some ways I have hidden veggies or included within other meals or recipes that my son will actually eat and not crazy unhealthy.

Holy shit that is alot of food! So not happening everyday...

We must have faith! I went from hating most veggies to having a love affair with Brussel sprouts.

Places to hide veggies:

Easy Mini Veggie Egg omelets: I made these with mushrooms and they were a hit. My son gobbled them up and since you make more than one at a time, you can keep them in the fridge and heat easily in the microwave. You can use any veggie you like but the cheese and egg help hide the veggies. (Very easy to make!)

Grilled cheese: Add thin slices of tomatoes or mushrooms. The key is thin and chopped. If it is not a whole piece they will less likely “see” it. What kid doesn’t like grilled cheese.

Whole grain Mac and Cheese: I do not partake in this much but my son loves him some old-fashioned home-made Mac and Cheese. I do not even have to do anything crazy, peas and carrots are great in this dish and the cheesy goodness covers them up.

Many stews: My husband makes a banging chicken stew and the veggies are basically softened and mixed in so I feel like they are much more acceptable to children.

Zucchini Bread: Oh my god I love zucchini bread so why wouldn’t my son or any toddler?

Sometimes just adding salad dressing works. My son sometimes will eat cut up veggies because he can dip them. He is a toddler….DIPPING is cool.

Broccoli Cheese bites: We tell him they are just cheese bites. Works every time (I have used fresh broccoli and frozen both taste great).

Zucchini Bites: Same as above with broccoli bites.

American Chop Suey: I love this recipe. I even switch out the regular pasta for whole grain pasta and Max will gobble this up as will my husband. I can honestly say my son has never turned this away. It is easy and has protein, starch and veggies all in one bowl.

So mothers I know it can be hard but relax.  We all hated veggies at one point or another and we all survived but maybe some of these ideas can help.

Editor’s Note:  Katie is on blogger maternity leave so we’re sharing some of her older but still fantastic posts.

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