Things I’m Ignoring When I’m not Ignoring my Kids

Alternate Title: Keeping it Real: A Photo Essay

There’s been a lot of talk around here lately about judgement-free motherhood and supporting each other through this wild ride of raising happy, successful humans.

This is where I expose myself to show that I too am impervious to judgement.  (Yeah, right.  I totally feel the criticsm coming through the computer.  Whatever, I’m doing it anyway.)  We’re all in this together right?

I can’t do it all.  I can’t even do some of it most days.  I can get up everyday and keep moving forward though.  That’s my daily choice.

So…without further ado, here are the things in my world that I’m ignoring while I am mothering.

photo 4
Clean laundry piles on top of my dresser
photo 2
Random book #1
It’s been in that spot for a week
photo 2 copy
Random pile of books #2
Why doesn’t this bother anyone else in my house!?
photo 3 copy
More @#%$^ laundry
I thought there was a "no toys in the living room" rule in this house.
I thought there was a “no toys in the living room” rule in this house.
photo 1
PLEASE tell me you have a spot in your house like this too.
photo 1 copy
Kitten’s room. Not even worth trying to clean it, it’s like shoveling in a blizzard.
photo 5
I’ve lived in this house since June. Think I should unpack?


These beauties?  Definitely NOT ignoring.

photo 4 copy


13 thoughts on “Things I’m Ignoring When I’m not Ignoring my Kids

  1. Thanks for the morning laugh! My house looks very similar. I have a few book piles that currently need to be taken care of. I also have my new picture frames on the wall that I got for Christmas with the “fake family pics” that came in them, since I just got on facebook this past weekend to order real family pics to fill them.

  2. I have the exact same piles at my house, especially the books, toys and clean laundry. I hate when I pile up this week’s clean laundry and last week’s clean laundry is still there. But hey, at least it’s CLEAN?!

    1. I usually empty the laundry basket of the clean laundry from last week to put the dirty laundry from this week in!

  3. Cora, thank you so much for sharing, my mess beats your mess in every room, and I am always stressing about it! I try to keep in mind that my little ones need me, and that I must cherish this time with them. (and not obsess about multiple baskets of clean laundry…my babies are way more important)! Posts like yours help remind me that we moms are all in the same boat, and your post was just what I needed today. Hang in there!

  4. LOVE this post! It shows your priorities are in the right place! And when your children are gone, and the house is clean, you will be happy to have grandchildren come over and mess it all up!!!!

    1. I didn’t realize how much IKEA furniture I actually had until your comment. We need to replace our other coffee table too, most likely with the same one!

  5. “I can’t do it all. I can’t even do some of it most days.” PREACH. Thanks for this because I’m losing my shit lately. Been reading Hands Free Mama and really want to live the message of disconnecting from every distraction (not just electronics but piles of laundry) because my Z is little for only so long. I mean she’ll only be living with me for what, another 13 years? Going to fly by! So I’m glad I’m not the only one who ignores the little stuff while tending to the big stuff. Great post.

  6. This takes some serious honesty! Thank you for for this post and the pictures … I really enjoyed reading this. Cleaning is something I find myself doing at 11:00pm or 7:00am. It’s a constant source of stress and comfort. And YES. I do have the area in the kitchen where junk mail, daycare notices, and papers of questionable importance pile up. AND IT STRESSES ME OUT.

    1. I’m all about honesty. The mess stresses me out too, but I just can’t do one more thing. People with immaculate houses have their priorities out of whack (or a cleaning person).

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