The Nursery Isn’t a Nursery Anymore.

Back in December 2011, when I found out I was having a girl, I blogged about my excitement at the thought of getting to decorate a room for my future daughter and then subsequent horror after discovering that the majority of room decor for baby girls is pastel and butterflies.  I said it then, and I’ll say it again, if that’s your taste, more power to you. Live it up. I was just looking for primary colors, in particular, shades of purples.

eeds room 1Thanks to that blog, I was given some great tips on where to find alternative baby room designs. I remember thinking at the time that I should write a follow-up post to show how her room turned out and to thank people for the tips. Well, now more than 2 years later, I am in shock that it has been 2 years and have decided to finally share because we reached a whole new mile stone…

Edith is in a big girl bed now! And, I must say, I’m a BIG fan of the 3 in 1 bed (crib, day bed, full bed).eeds room 2

For all those mama’s out there planning their daughter’s nursery/bedroom, I would like to pay it forward. So, here is some info on some of the pieces I used to decorate my daughter, Edith’s bedroom:

Purple dresser- That was my dresser as a little girl! I was given the great tip by a fellow blogger to use a dresser as a changing table (it used to have a changing mattress on top, now Eeds is too big!) I sanded it down, painted it, and put on new handles!

Carpets- I went to Project Nursery, a suggestion of another fellow blogger, to get ideas for her room and that is where I saw this carpet in a different shade!   Her carpet is actually three carpets put together, a splurge that my husband found insane and I rationalized as a must have. (carpets from Urban Outfitters)

Big Girl Bed!- This was eeds rooma generous gift from my daughter’s nana! A beautiful piece that not only makes the room, but totally made the transition to big girl bed seamless! (bed from Pottery Barn)

A, B, C Pictures- Weird side bar, I love to decoupage. I made the alphabet letters for my beautiful girl and her beautiful room.

Book shelf- Also a generous gift from my daughter’s Gran and Papa. I had the baskets from my son’s room and am fortunate to have a former Kindergarten teacher as a mom, so my children have A LOT of books! (book shelf also from Pottery Barn)

My daughter is adjusting quite nicely to her new big girl bed. I am interested to see how she will change the design of the room as she gets older. I hope she’ll like and use some, if not all of the pieces, but if she doesn’t, that’s ok. Not surprisingly, I’m a big fan and can definitely put them to use!

8 thoughts on “The Nursery Isn’t a Nursery Anymore.

    1. Melissa. Eeds had made it half way over twice and was stuck there asking for help. I legit freak out over the thought of her falling so that was that. She’s adjusted awesome! No getting out of bed at night… yet. Good luck!

      1. My recommendation on this, and it’s only my personal recommendation – if she isn’t legit climbing out every single day then STICK WITH THE CRIB for as long as you can if for only your own sanity!!!! My kids each had one bad fall – and that was it. Scared the cr@p out of them that while they would PRETEND to put their legs over the edge, they never got the courage to hoist themselves over again. I didn’t switch to toddler beds and later big kid beds until WAY after 3 years old.

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