True Confessions: I bought my kid’s old clothes back at a consignment store

After last week’s post about my not so secret obsession with Twitter, it should come as no surprise to you that I got my inspiration for this week’s installment from Twitter.  And, with this week marking #moms4moms day on March 4 with The Bump and CT Working Moms encouraging judgment free mothering, as well as allowing moms everywhere to air their true confessions, this post could not be more timely.  Here’s how it started…

One day last week, celeb Jeri Ryan tweeted this:



Her tweet immediately hit home with me.  The Husband and I kept all of Jake’s baby clothes and baby paraphernalia knowing that we wanted to have another kid some day.  We schlepped boxes and boxes of boy clothes, baby boy beanies with trains on them, and blue and brown striped baby socks and onesies to our new home last January.  We kept them stacked up in our basement until the time came for us to use them again.  That time came sooner than later- the first weekend in our new home I found out I was pregnant again.  At 20 weeks I got the news that we were having a girl! Yay! Pink and Lilly Pulitzer and Cupcakes and Big Bird and YAY!  But wait- all we had were blue baby clothes!

When Livvy arrived in September, being home on maternity leave was a great opportunity to clean out the old Jake clothes and donate them.  So, one afternoon, I started the task of digging through boxes of tiny baby clothes, burp cloths, beanies, cargo pants, shorts, bathing suits, sweatshirts, and toddler jeans.  I literally went through boxes from the day we brought Jake home from the hospital to last Summer.  In the beginning I saw it as a huge long chore, and something to cross off my to do list, but once I got going, It turned into an episode of, “This is your life, JAKE SCHWEITZER.”  I found myself sorting the clothes into two piles- one to donate to Savers, and one to keep.  I was a good girl- the “keep” pile was very small.  I had about 10 or so onesies, tee shirts and bathing suits that I couldn’t part with, and would keep for memory’s sake.  The rest? Off to Savers later in the week.

Well, a couple weeks went by, and my Dad took me and Livvy out to Mortensen’s Restaurant for breakfast, to catch it one last time before it closed.  Savers is right across the parking lot.  We figured we’d do a little shopping after we ate, and get Livvy a little nap time in the stroller.  As we were looking up and down the aisles, I couldn’t help but wander over to the rack with the little boys’ clothes.  Right there in the middle of everything were a few of Jake’s clothes that I had donated.  A huge rush of emotion hit me like a ton of bricks.  I got a lump in my throat, and held two of his shirts in my hands.  They hadn’t been on the rack for more than two weeks, but the shirts still smelled like our home.  Like us.  Like Jake.  I just couldn’t leave the store without them.  My father came over and saw this, looked at me and rolled his eyes.  He knew it.  These were coming home with us!

One of the shirts I bought back from Savers- Jake’s Eric Carle tee that he wore to his first trip to the library.



And now what was I thinking when I originally donated this shirt? Jake wore this on his FIRST BIRTHDAY while he ate his first big piece of Mozzicato’s chocolate mousse cake!  Jeeze, Momma- get yourself together!



While we were checking out, my Dad couldn’t help but joke about the situation.  I showed the clerk pictures of Jake wearing these two shirts- the pictures were still on my iPhone from two years ago!  She probably thought I was crazy.  Hey, at least my Dad had a coupon, so it’s not like I bought them back at bust out retail price, and let’s also remember, this was going to a good cause here, people!!  As we were leaving I swore my Dad to secrecy- no one was to learn about this!! (See above crazy comment).  But after Jeri’s tweet, I figured I was not alone.  So there you have it, people.  True Confessions- I bought my kid’s old clothes back from a consignment store!!

And you can bet that when the time comes for me to go through Livvy’s old clothes that the “keep” pile will be a lot bigger than before.  The way I see it, is that in the end it’ll just keep me from re-buying them all back again.

4 thoughts on “True Confessions: I bought my kid’s old clothes back at a consignment store

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  2. Oh, Marie. I couldn’t relate to this any more than I do. Except for I don’t know how you parted with his clothes in the first place. I have bins of my daughter’s clothes stored in the office upstairs. I’m starting to feel like a kook. (Now that I think about it, I can give some to YOU! Duh.) And I love that picture of Jake at his birthday party. What a great day! And of course, the watch. I love the watch.

  3. Wow Marie – you all had a lot of booze at Jake’s 1st birthday party! No judgement – just sayin! And also, this is an adorable and heartwarming piece.

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