Step Up

Editor’s Note: While CT Working Moms is mainly a place for moms, every now and then we’ll be sharing posts from dads too.

Let me get something off my chest…I am not a babysitter. It drives me nuts when people, even family members, refer to me staying at home with my daughters alone as babysitting. I AM NOT BABYSITTING, I’M PARENTING.

It amazes me that as dads everywhere are making more in-roads to playing a more involved role in parenting we are still seen as being incapable of caring for children, let alone our own. I wipe, potty train, feed, play, and most importantly GEEK out with my children.

With that said, there are many dads that I hear about, be it hearsay, that make me shake my head. The cruise director (insert wife) comes home from being with friends telling me how they are saying what a saint I am. I grocery shop, clean, change diapers, cook, etc. This ain’t sainthood. Thanks for the compliment but it’s called being in a relationship. Last I knew a relationship was 50-50. Yeah, I know that sometimes it is 60-40, or worse 90-10, but the majority is 50-50.

At first hearing these comments I thought, “Ladies, if you don’t like this then fix it.” As time has gone on, I now direct my feelings toward both: ladies, say something and gentlemen, step up. Be a part of your relationship. Don’t be a bump on the log. Communicate your needs. I know we guys don’t know how to talk, society has done that to us, but stop cowering behind that excuse and express yourself. Regardless of your situation, help out in some way. One person cannot physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually carry a relationship on their own.

Don’t know how to do it, here are some thoughts:
1. Grocery shop: The place is full of food, what’s not to like? Even more fun, take your kids. Have them count the cans of beans you need to buy or even run ahead and get that bag of chips you need for the football game. Kids love to help, so let them.
2. Cook: The cruise director and I alternate weeks. I am definitely not as good a cook as her but I am a lot better since we started dating. It takes time. Be ready for failures and start small. You don’t need to be all fancy and creative. Just taking something off the plate of another (no pun intended) will be appreciated.
3. Do the dishes: Turn on some music and let the water run. I find it actually relaxing washing the dishes; loading and unloading the dishwasher. A time to immerse in some music and escape the chaos that might be going on around me.
4. Give the kids a bath: Shaving cream is so much fun. It’s harmless and it washes down the drain. They will play with it, “paint” with it and will even write with it.
5. Take the kids for a little while: Go for a walk, play outside, go to a museum. Read a book. Do something. They will cherish it.

Whatever you do, take small steps. I am sure that as you do more, the easier it will get. It may seem daunting at first. Life seems packed already but step away from the social media and give some help. The end result will be paid back in more ways than you can even anticipate.

Do all relationships a favor, including your own, by getting more involved. This will also help us “babysitters” become parents again.

20 thoughts on “Step Up

  1. This is awesome! And you are totally right … I have heard that babysitting comment so often that I’ve grown accustomed to it. And that’s no good. My husband allows me to call myself a “working mom”, but reminds me that he is a “working dad”. Fist bump to all you guys that are awesome teammates. 😉

  2. Sean, you have done a valuable service with this post. It’s such a mistake for dads to take a back seat in the parenting game, because it really is so much fun and as you have learned, it means so much to the kids. You will reap the rewards for the rest of your days. Well done!

    1. Thank you. I do hope that more and more dads will start to play a more involved role. So rewarding for the children, the dad’s themselves, the relationship, and the family as a whole.

  3. Great post, Sean! I have to thank you for the shaving cream inspiration during bathtime last night. A big hit, with lots of “thanks, Mom!” I initially took the credit, but then gave you a shout-out for the idea. 🙂 Love the “little twister” nickname, BTW, and “cruise director” makes me chuckle, too. What’s scheduled on the promenade deck today?!

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