Spring Cleaning Projects

At the risk of sounding like a 1950’s housewife and/or crazy lady, I’d like to say that the arrival of March has made me really excited for some spring cleaning. My house is what I’d call “broom clean”…generally clean, but not really organized. We moved in well over four years ago, but we stashed lots of things in closets, the basement, and the attic to be organized “later”. Well, believe it or not, “later” is just now arriving. That coupled with the fact that I am feeling like we’re overrun with toys makes me look forward to focusing on organization.

Like every other parent of young children that I know, I don’t find myself with hours and hours of free time to spend organizing my home. Shoes go lost, we’ve reached a point of “lego osmosis” in every room, and I might die of embarrassment if anyone peeked into my linen closet. It’s all I can do to keep the floors vacuumed and the dishwasher empty. However, this spring I’m committing to some bigger projects.

My goals are as follows:

*Donate and/or pack away the unused toys. As my sons are the only grandchildren on both sides of our family, we have accumulated so many toys. It has always been my feeling that clutter and an excess of toys hinders creative play, as it’s too chaotic to focus. I’d love to start rotating the toys so they aren’t all out at once and donating those that the kids don’t often play with.

*Tackle the winter gear. It’s March, and I need to accept that some lost gloves and mittens are gone for good, and say good-bye to those who have been without a match all winter. And it’s probably a good time to wash and donate the too-small winter gear.

*Organize the bookshelves. We have a full wall of bookshelves in our living room. Fortunately, we reference a lot of the books on it frequently. Unfortunately, we do a terrible job of putting them back correctly. We really need to take them all off and reorganize them.

*Clean out my car. My car is the “kid car”, and there’s no doubting this if you see it. It’s a mess. I’m embarrassed by it daily. I need to clean out all the toys/spare clothes/papers/etc and maybe even pay someone to detail it.

*Wash the windows. Can I just admit something here? I said earlier I have lived in my house for over four years. Ask me how many times I’ve washed the windows, as in, really washed (not simply wiped off fingerprints)? Zero. Yup, not even once. Whoops. One of the things that has slipped through the cracks.

*Figure out what is actually in all the closets. I really need to take everything out of each closet and put it back in some kind of logical order. It’s chaos in most of them!

Here’s hoping I accomplish half of this! Does anyone else still do “spring cleaning”, or do I sound like a 1965 issue of Woman’s Day? What’s on your list?

7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Projects

  1. I like to make lists, so I will probably make a master list of all the spring cleaning tasks — which will include finishing baby-proofing so we can let our 19-month-old out of the living room. It will include all the fun things, like rearrange the bathroom closet, anchor furniture to the wall, organize/purge clothes, etc.

  2. No. I so love this. I get so excited about cleaning and organizing! Would love to hear about your follow up! (Does is make ME lame? Haha)

  3. Is it bad if I’m overwhelmed by your Spring to-do list? I need to take a vacation to do it, my home needs it too. Especially the purge! Good luck!

  4. Having been to your house, I can say there is rarely a dish in the sink, and the floors are always spotless (an amazing feat with kids and animals! As an old seasoned mother and grandmother, I will say, time will pass, closets will re-fill a thousand times with those saved grocery bags, and the fact that your bookcases are messy are a sure sign of family who USES the references at hand not just decorates with them!!! However, the time you spend with your children will build the foundation on which their entire lives will be lived! AND when they are a little bigger, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while THEY do the Spring cleaning 🙂 Just kidding…well maybe…

    1. Hahahahhaha well, thank you….but I would really like to know what I currently own hahaha. I actually bought new valentine’s decorations not because I need them, but because I have NO idea what I did with the ones I bought last year. 🙂 You’ve seen my closets– you have to open them slowly for fear of a concussion! hahahahaha

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