Announcing: Moms for Moms Day!

This past June the bloggers of got together for our second photo shoot. The year before a few of us did a post-baby body photo shoot that really resonated with folks and we wanted to follow up with something as equally meaningful. So we decided to focus on encouraging moms to accept and embrace each other and our differences. We believe motherhood should be a sisterhood, where we can find solace and unity instead of negativity and judgment. And so was born our Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood and our photo shoot went viral, twice (most recently thanks to an article on HerScoop). It was exciting to see just how much our message of “Let’s Love More & Judge Less” was embraced by you and people all across the world. We’ve seen some pretty awesome moms do their own versions our photo shoot (Moms Uniting Moms & Mom Hearts Pinot) and have seen the link to our campaign shared all over the place.

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A few months ago I was contacted by They, too, loved our message and wanted to figure out a way for us to collaborate. We were thrilled to say the least! If you’ve never heard of them, The Bump is a well-known website that focuses on pregnancy and parenting. The fact that they want to embrace our message of love and compassion and partner together to get that message out to an even wider audience of moms is simply incredible.

Together we brainstormed and came up with the idea of Moms for Moms Day (a judgment-free motherhood day for all moms). Moms for Moms Day will take place on March 4th (in just a few weeks) and is a day meant to encourage moms everywhere to try to let go of our judgments in the name of love & sisterhood.


On March 4th we encourage you to engage with us (& The Bump) on social media by snapping a photo of yourself (or preferably with some of your mom friends) holding up a sign that’s meaningful to you. You can make up your own slogan about embracing judgment-free motherhood or you can download one of our printable signs and use that instead.

Pre-made downloadable signs:

Let’s Love More & Judge Less

Every Mom Makes the Choices Best for Her Family

We’re All in This Together

Our grab a blank file and write in your own positive message!

Pop your photo(s) on Facebook & Twitter that day using the hastag #moms4moms and help us spread our message! (Tag us and The Bump in your tweet if you’d like! @ctworkingmoms @thebump)


If you have your own blog, perhaps consider writing a post on March 4th about why you’re embracing the message of judging less. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite posts on our social media that day so make sure to link to us!

Lastly, a few weeks ago, as part of our new partnership on Moms for Moms Day, 15 bloggers from headed to The Bump’s NYC office to do a little remake of our June photo shoot to promote our partnership and this special day. We met two of the moms from Sh*tty Mom, Nicole from MomTrends, we hung out with Carley, the co-founder of The Knot, The Nest & The Bump and had lots of fun while our favorite photographer, Jean Molodetz of I View Photography, snapped our photos (see the full gallery of new photos here). It was a blast getting to meet so many fellow moms and to see so many people joining together on this important project. It’s been a true pleasure working with the staff at The Bump (props to Melissa!) and we’re grateful for this opportunity.

So for now, mark your calendars for March 4, 2014 – Moms for Moms Day – and stay tuned to our website. Our bloggers will be posting about judgement-free motherhood as we work our way towards the big day!












p.s. Want one of our beautiful bumper stickers? They’re free and look good on a car, fridge or in the office.


Special note: all the images taken here, and well, all the images used in our Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood & our Goddess Gallery were snapped by our favorite photographer, Jean Molodetz from I View Photography. Jean is incredible and we are so grateful she’s always up for our adventures!

9 thoughts on “Announcing: Moms for Moms Day!

  1. Jean Molodetz is such a superstar & my favorite photographer too. She took all 3 of my baby bump photos of course! Thank you for highlighting her awesomeness!

    1. Thank you!! Hope you’ll engage with us on Moms for Moms Day! I mean selfie’s with a positive message – how fun is that??

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