Ignoring My To-Do List & Being in the Moment with my Daughter

This afternoon, as I was driving home from work, my mind was focused on all the things I need to get done. I have a meeting tomorrow that I need to prepare for. I wanted to get on the treadmill (I’ve been eating a bit too much pre-Valentine’s Day chocolate). I wanted to check my email and Facebook. I had lots & lots of stuff to tick off my mental to-do list.

When I picked my daughter up at daycare she was in a great mood. We walked to the car holding hands as she delighted in the falling snow – throwing her head back so the snowflakes could land on her tongue. She looked at me and said “Mommy when we get home let’s build a snowman!” My first thought was, I can’t build a snowman tonight – when will I get my workout done? When will I do all of those other things?

But as we drove home, her sheer excitement about the idea of playing outside in the snow was enough to get me to re-check my priorities. As a mom that works outside of the home, I don’t get to see my daughter that much during the week. If she wanted to make a snowman, well gosh darn-it, I needed to make that happen.

So tonight we did this:

Hopefully this doesn't spoil her dinner :-)
Hopefully this doesn’t spoil her dinner 🙂

And this:

Sledding selfie!
Sledding selfie!

And of course some of this:

Snow angels!
Snow angels!

Kids have an amazing way of helping us focus on what really matters, and tonight, what mattered most was enjoying the moment with my favorite little girl in the whole world. And I’m so glad I did!

13 thoughts on “Ignoring My To-Do List & Being in the Moment with my Daughter

  1. You have perfectly described the eternal dilemma of EVERY working mom and in the same post, you showed us the way! Work can wait, Adult pleasures (by which I mean email and Facebook) MUST wait. An hour of fun never hurt anyone, but it made your kid’s day! Lovely lesson, Michelle.

  2. Love this and the pics that go with it. Kudos to you for throwing your grown up responsibilities out the window for the time being. They’re small for such a short time.

  3. This is why you are so special Michelle. This is helpful to all of us who could work 24 hours/day and need reminders on what is most important in life. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Making snow angels and building snowmen can burn just as many calories as the treadmill can. So you still kind of checked that off of your list.

    1. Hey! It made me so happy to see a comment from you Erica! Thanks!

      And I actually did still get in a workout on the treadmill, thanks to a very supportive hubby 🙂

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