An Apology Letter To My Postpartum Body

Hey there body. It’s me, Carly.

I owe you an apology. Well, actually, more than one.

I’m sure you’ve been feeling the tension between us. I admit I have been feeling like a complete hypocrite for a while now. I see the beauty in other women’s bodies, and try my best to encourage them to embrace their body, while deep down inside I actually feel ashamed of mine. The truth is, I’ve been so focused on your “imperfections” that I had forgotten the many reasons why I will be forever grateful to you.

First and foremost, you have given me the two greatest gifts I could have ever imagined. A belly I constantly wish was much smaller, more flat, and “prettier” grew two healthy, beautiful babies inside. You kept them safe and warm for nine months. The stretch marks left behind are simply a reminder of the growing and stretching you did to accommodate those little ones. I know it couldn’t have been easy and I’m sorry for being so hard on you.

Photo by J. Kowalik
Photo by J. Kowalik

And these hips of mine. These thick, wide hips have been there to rest my children on when my arms grow tired from carrying them. You do this on a daily basis and without expecting anything in return. I know it won’t be much longer before they’ll be too big to carry. Or just prefer to not be held anymore. So thank you.

I certainly can’t forget about you, breasts. I’m grateful for the work you did to feed my babies. How amazing it is that you knew when they were hungry and needed food. You might not be as perky as you once were, but that’s okay. That’s what they make push-up bras for anyway, right?

Every part of you, from head to toe, has taken more criticism from me than I would like to admit. I’m sorry for that. You deserve better.

Although my eyes tend to focus on what I usually think of as flaws, and that it’s a challenge for me to look past the extra baby weight that I still have yet to lose (almost two years later), please bear with me. I know our relationship is a work in progress and I’m really trying here. I realize it’s time. Time to stop being a hypocrite. Time to focus on your beauty. Time to embrace you – every curve, every roll, every stretch mark. It might take a little work to get there, but we will get there. You’ve done so much for me. It’s really the least I can do for you.

10 thoughts on “An Apology Letter To My Postpartum Body

  1. Loved this post and agree with everything u said in it! Having just had my second baby 2 weeks ago it was nice to read it and be reminded not too criticize my body so much and appreciate what it has given me, another beautiful daughter!

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