Blogger Makeovers: Sarah

A while back I mentioned that I had offered to do some style makeovers for a few of our bloggers.  Well the holidays got in the way a bit, but I’m happy to report that yesterday I was able to devote some time to this project.  I had a blast!

I should state up front that while I do have previous specific training as a former fashion consultant through CAbi I’m not a professional consultant.  Fashion, personal style, style trends, and  hunting for a bargain are things I enjoy and I’m happy to share my talents (for lack of a better word) with others.  All the knowledge I got on these topics, with the exception of the specific training I acquired through CAbi, I picked up reading style/fashion blogs and magazines.  Years ago I would just buy what fit.  Now I am the kind of shopper who knows what looks good on her body and her personal style.  Knowing these two things is critical to learning what stores will work with your body as well as will help you when you’re in a store or looking online trying to find something that works.  Once you know what stores work for your body then you can become a store stalker and sign up for emails and coupons so that you never have to pay full price for your clothes.

I started the “makeover” process by asking the bloggers a series of questions related to likes/dislikes, body type, personal preferences, etc.  Our first victim blogger Sarah was really struggling to find a personal style and also find stores that fit her body type.  Also, Sarah had a limited budget.  She was looking to update her wardrobe with pieces that made her feel comfortable, but that also worked with her lifestyle.  Sarah works part time and spends time at home with her two active boys.  Her job requires her to wear a work issued shirt with neutral bottoms.  At home, she’d like to be comfortable and casual but seems to lean towards a more preppy style favoring brands like Boden and Kate Spade.  Sarah also said she liked bright, happy colors.  Unfortunately Sarah doesn’t have a lot of time to shop for herself so she tends to do a lot of shopping in big spurts, like a sprint through the outlets, or online where she gets easily overwhelmed and unsure.  The whole idea of buying clothes gives her “shopping anxiety”.

Once I had an idea of what Sarah was looking for I headed over to Pinterest to start looking for some outfit ideas she might like.  We have slightly similar tastes so I first browsed my own style pins for ideas.  Sarah was able to get an idea of what I had in mind for her, pin styles she also liked, and comment accordingly.  We stumbled upon this picture that she LOVE, LOVE, LOVED!

Kate Spade, source unknown

A few days ago Sarah shared with me that she had looked for some new clothes online and was frustrated that she came up with nothing.  I remembered this outfit and headed over to the LOFT website where surprise surprise, all sale items were an extra 50% off.  I was able to recreate this outfit, including shoes for $67.50 (not including shipping)!  I’m not even sure I’d be able to do that for myself if I tried.  Take a lot at what I found:

The cardi
The shirt, slightly different (not sequin) but with the same feel
The pants
The shoes. It took all I had to not buy these for myself. Too cute!

I didn’t share this with Sarah but I also found a similar necklace at Urban Peach that she could add to the outfit still keeping it affordable at under $100.

This color is out of stock, but there is a Coral color that is similar on sale for $11.37.

Sarah reported this morning that she purchased the whole outfit from LOFT (and then some) so I’m really anxious to see what the finished product looks like.  Hopefully she might even be brave enough to share her results with us here.

12 thoughts on “Blogger Makeovers: Sarah

    1. I’d be happy to incorporate some ideas on how to discover your own personal style in my next blogger makeover piece Alissa! Look for it next week!

  1. I thought of another thing: years ago I had to attend a funeral for a former student. I told my supervisor at the time bc I needed the day off. She asked very simply “what was his name?” That question showed so much compassion that she was making an effort to know this boy who had died. I need to remember this guesture more often.

  2. This is fantastic! I can’t believe how well you replicated that look. I can’t wait to see it on Sarah! Also, thanks for introducing me to urban peach.

  3. Very cool!! I almost never buy anything full price and thrift shops are great for finding bargains…one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!

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