Beware the Jabberwock (AKA the baby monitor)

“I think I saw a topless lady on the baby monitor…”

I live in an area where we have 2 acre zoning. Over the years, I have taken to walking around free and easy. When the babies came along, it never occurred to us that we’d ever be within receiving range of another baby monitor simply because the houses are so far apart. My closest neighbor is at least 75 years old and widowed, and no one else around me had infant kids. I was never too concerned about what might be displayed in front of the camera.

The monitor that I have is an ANCIENT model that was handed down to us – I rarely use(d) it, as I am within earshot of the kids’ bedroom, so I didn’t really see the need for a new, fancy, color, two-way sound monitor. I just needed one where I could see if the kids were awake (by the outline of two heads popping out of the crib), and the fuzzy (and I mean FUZZY) black and white monitor did just fine.

Over Thanksgiving weekend last year, I turned on the monitor with the intention of running on the treadmill while the kids were napping. I had just moved the receiving screen somewhere else, so it took me some time to adjust the antenna of the receiver. As I was adjusting, I caught the outline of something.

WTF is that?? That doesn’t look like my kids’ room.

The image was moving around right in front of the camera – it definitely was not the image coming from our camera.

Is that what I think it is??

 I could SWEAR that I saw an image of a topless lady right in front of the camera.

“Hey, [Hubby]. Come here.”

“Whaaaaaaaaat?” he whined from the sofa, not wanting to get up.

“I think I saw a topless lady on the baby monitor…”

“What? You’re imagining things. Impossible.” He was skeptical, thinking I was just baiting him or being a pain in the butt just for the sake of being annoying.

I studied the image closer when the figure stepped back. It was DEFINITELY a woman in her full naked gloriousness.

“No, seriously,” I confirmed. “Come here. I SWEAR there’s a naked lady here.”

“Uh huh,” he responded, reluctantly getting off the sofa.

The image in the camera was adjusting the camera to get a better view of what looked like a bed (and a young child sleeping on the bed). She fumbled with the camera a little bit and as suddenly as the image popped up on the screen, it switched off before my husband had a chance to see what was on the screen (Incidentally, I think she probably switched signal channels on her unit).

“Let me see…” he said.

“It’s gone.”

“Surrrrrrrrrrrrre, you saw a naked lady…” he groaned. He gave me the hairy eyeball because I had disturbed his TV show, convinced that I was bluffing him.

“I SWEAR I saw it.”


The image never did come back and we never did definitively find out who the image in the screen was. But even my husband admitted  that I probably did see something I wasn’t supposed to when we found out that our 75 year old neighbor’s daughter and young child had been visiting next door.

Lesson of the day: Beware the jabberwock (and don’t walk in front of the baby monitor topless). You never know who might be watching…

5 thoughts on “Beware the Jabberwock (AKA the baby monitor)

  1. Oh my gosh! It’s also a good reminder to practice safety with them, especially if there’s audio on them. My kids were playing with walkie-talkies and were heard by an adult who must have been on the same channel that wanted to “play” too.

    1. It freaks me out, actually, how much open access people can have to our kids. AND it freaks me out how many sickos are actually out there.

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