Finding the Magic

Good morning and happy Monday! I’m filling in for our lovely Kate today. At the beginning of each week, Kate reminds all of us about the importance of gratitude and it’s been a wonderful way for me personally to start the work week. Sometimes it feels really hard to find the “magic” but Kate’s point has always been that even when things feel dark, if we’re able to find even just one positive thing to be grateful for, our mind shifts towards the positive and it helps us feel happier.

The past week or two I’ve been feeling higher anxiety which makes it harder for me to find the positive. I know we all have periods like that. But in Kate’s spirit I’m going to share with you some of the highlights of the past few days:

My Magic:

• I spent time with so many loved ones this past weekend. Saturday I saw 4 of my good friends and while I was so tired at the end of the day and it was just such a crazy day, I realized how fortunate I am to even have 4 incredible people in my life that want to spend time with me (and my daughter).

• I spoke with my brother on the phone this weekend and it was awesome. He’s a really busy professor at a big University, is active in his church and has two kids so we have a hard time connecting by phone so it was wonderful to hear his voice and learn about what he’s been up to.

• Yesterday I spent hours with one of my favorite people and our daughters are little besties so while we catch up we also get a break from the kids because they play with each other! Win all around.

• My busiest time of year at work is approaching and while it’s contributing a little to my anxiety level, it’s also a time of year I get to see many of my friends during the work day because so many people come to the Capitol during legislative session.

• I’m reading a really good book.

• We bought new lamps for our family room and they looks so great! My daughter loves them too and always wants them turned on.

• Last week I wrote about my struggle with food and readers responded in such a supportive way that I now feel like I can be more open about my struggles.

What are you grateful for today? Share in the comments! 

Hugs to you.
Hugs to you.

6 thoughts on “Finding the Magic

    1. p.s. I should have added my new found love of dried mangos to this list. After having them at your house I bought two bags!

      1. I love dried mangoes! Mia also fell asleep in the car too and slept for 14 hours straight – no dinner. That’s also magic!

      2. Dried mangoes…yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – I could eat a whole GIANT bag in one sitting. Costco sells them in industrial sizes and I have to refrain from buying them because I.JUST.CANNOT.STOP.

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