Random Mom Musings

I’ve had some random things on my mind lately so please indulge me.

• My husband recently traded in his truck for a more fuel-efficient car. He also decided to put our daughter’s carseat next to the window instead of in the middle of the back seat which made me consider changing the car seat position in my car. But I can’t do it. While my daughter has some pretty annoying challenging car behavior sometimes (aka screaming and crying because she dropped something and can’t get it), she does this really cute thing where she asks me to hold her hand. Right now I can actually reach back and accommodate her request and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Even though my arm goes numb and gets really uncomfortable, holding her little hand in the car is just so, so wonderful.

• I’m currently trying to get back into working out and it’s a sad state of affairs. This past summer I could run 6 miles and now a 20 minute run/walk is hard. The holiday overeating isn’t helping things either. While I find it relatively easy to feel compassion for others, I am so hard on myself. I wish I could cut myself more slack sometimes.

• I LOVE playdates. I get bored in the house and am so happy I have friends that love having us over!

• As I’ve tried to relax my perfectionism, I’ve realized that once people believe you are a perfectionist they expect perfection from you. That kind of sucks. It makes is way harder to make a mistake and feel like it’s OK.

• Disagreeing with my husband about parenting related things is really hard. Fortunately we agree on most things, but it’s hard to figure out what to do when we don’t see eye-to-eye with how to handle certain challenges, like temper tantrums.

• I never read parenting books because they overwhelm me. But my daughter’s recent behavior change has me thinking that maybe I should!

An adorable playdate! Thanks Kriste!

4 thoughts on “Random Mom Musings

  1. Hand holding in the car! Yes! Loved this! Trying to stay committed to the gym as well. Good luck … Right there with you!

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