A Story of Friendship

In July of 2008, I met my best friend Becky and her then, boyfriend John by becoming their neighbors. We were in our twenties, enjoying life and celebrating the purchase of our first homes. It was such a wonderful time in our lives and I will never forget the day we first met. Becky and I were so happy to become homeowners that we both gave each other house tours of what would be the homes we brought our beautiful babies home to.

We were immediately inseparable. The hours spent at Marshalls Home Goods buying decorations for our homes and trips to Home Depot only felt like minutes of laughter and joy. I can remember nights of running back and forth to each other’s houses, holding up pictures, mirrors and other décor. Whatever house it looked the best in is where it went. While I loved having her accompany me to various stores around our town, what I truly appreciated and will always cherish the most are the memories our two families were building together. In a time where families can’t seem to finish weekly errands, let alone talk with their neighbors, I recognize just how truly blessed I am to have met such a wonderful couple.

In August 2009 and July 2010, Becky and I married our then boyfriends and had an amazing time planning our weddings together. I will never forget seeing her face as she walked down the aisle nor will I forget the songs we danced to at my wedding. During such a stressful time in planning my wedding, I was so relieved to have someone to share my experiences with and look to for advice.

The true test of our friendship came when we delivered our babies in December 2011 and April 2012. This was a time in our lives where we needed each other the most. I can remember walking over to her house in the snow while 6 months pregnant to help her give her tiny little baby a bath. Her husband worked third shift and sometimes took on extra hours so being there for my best friend as she cared for her new baby whenever she needed me was a priority. When I delivered my daughter, I remember spending a portion of the summer together – taking them out for walks in the stroller and looking at our recently planted flowers on our front porches. Even our mailman commented once about just how lucky we were to have neighbors who became our dear friends. It was so touching and a quick realization that we are in fact blessed.

Now over 5 years of friendship, hundreds of memories and hours of laughter, we have two wonderful husbands who love us to pieces and two happy, healthy, adorable toddlers who are best friends. We laugh about how we can’t even go days apart without our daughters fussing at not seeing their best friend. It’s amazing to see that just at the ages of 1 and 2 can, these two girls of ours love each other so much. This past weekend we were playing out in the show together with the girls when I asked my daughter to sit and take a picture with Becky’s little girl. She automatically put her arms around her best friend and gave me a huge smile. It was so precious and sweet, I will never forget it.

Our friendship over the years.

So there my friends, I present to you a friendship that I wake up each morning thankful and blessed to have. I would never trade this in for the world, because to me, what I have is everything I need. A loving husband, family, daughter and neighbors that I love and care for just as if they were family. If there were more families that could experience what we do each and every day, I believe the world would be a better place.

9 thoughts on “A Story of Friendship

  1. So awesome! I miss the days when I lived so close to my dearest friends (college). It seems now I live in a neighborhood where most of the families are older and not many have kids the ages of my kids. Most of my good friends live in other towns and we don’t just pop by for a quick visit like we might if we lived closer. Lucky you! 🙂

  2. This is so wonderful! You guys are ridiculously lucky to have each other. I’ve never seen baby pictures of the girls-they are adorable! It will be amazing to see the girls grow up together : ))

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