My Christmas Reality (In GIFs)

The holiday season is in full swing. The decorations are up and started shopping in hopes of finishing early enough to have a stress free Christmas.

Happy Dance

The stores are packed with holiday shoppers. I grab the items I came for in under 5 minutes only to wait 2o minutes in the checkout line.


I get the present my daughter said she really, REALLY wants for Christmas. Yes, things are looking good!

Yes Nailed It

A few days later she decides she wants to ask Santa for something else instead.

OMG Are You Serious

I find out my daughter’s preschool is having a holiday celebration for the kids and their families. The kids are going to sing for the parents. This is going to be adorable!


Then I find out it’s during the day and I’m going to have to try to leave work for a few hours so I can go.


A week until Christmas and I’m having trouble finding time to get all of my holiday shopping and prep done. I’m trying to keep calm.


Now it’s 8:00 the night before my daughter’s preschool holiday celebration and I just remembered I’m supposed to make a dish to share. Awesome.


With only a couple of days left until Santa’s visit, my husband and I break out the the booze and have a present wrapping fiesta. Done and done. Go team!

High Five

Christmas morning is here and the kids are up at the crack of dawn. I need coffee.

Waking Up Early

They’re just a little excited…

Excited Kids

Spending time with loved ones and seeing how happy my kids are makes me feel like this…


And after all of the running around, the shopping, the preparations, and the celebrating, it’s over in the blink of an eye. And all this mom wants for Christmas is to get some sleep.


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