Getting excited about a baby and SAHD

So time is literally flying by! It feels like yesterday I found out I was knocked up and today I am less than two months away from our second child making her appearance. I have yet to set up her room, and really have no energy to. I admit that last time I was just as lazy too. I think I finally painted my son Max’s room around 35 weeks, so I have a few weeks left on that timeline.

While most people are excited for Christmas, I am excited about making the transition of my husband from full-time worker to a Stay-at-Home Dad (SAHD) who will work part-time at night. This has always been my dream. I am just not suited for being a stay-at-home mother and quite frankly went nuts during maternity leave last time.

So this time it is going to be slightly different. Instead of 12 weeks of time of from work I will only be taking 8. I feel comfortable with this because my husband will be home. I will not have to rush getting two kids ready, breast-feeding, pumping, and making daycare lunches for the kids. I will be able to get up, breastfeed, help with breakfast and then go to work. I know it will still be nuts, but to not have to rush getting them out of bed, or dressed or all the other crap sounds fabulous.

I am more excited about being able to really focus on my job and move my career ambitions forward. While I love my husband and how he has always been supportive; due to the flexibility of my job I was always the one who had to drop everything for our child. While I will still have my motherly instincts to take care of my kids, I will not be the only one taking this on. I also will have less days off due to children sickness. My husband can handle it and I can still go to work.

So basically my selfish career side is extremely happy. I feel like even though we are opening our home and hearts to another child, I also get to put my career more forward than it ever has been since kids.

I am being career SELFISH and it feels good.
I am being career SELFISH and it feels good.

So to my fellow primary breadwinners with SAHD how did you feel like your career changed? For the better or worse? Share it all with me.

2 thoughts on “Getting excited about a baby and SAHD

  1. I feel a little more pressure (in general) since I am the primary breadwinner, but knowing that my husband is at home with our son gives me the security and flexibility to put more energy into doing my job well. Logistically it took a while for us to sort our schedule out — I actually changed my work hours to start and end a little later to give me extra time to get out of the door in the morning. I also flex my time every other week to give him a morning “off.” We had our first childless dinner out a couple weeks ago, and he commented on how weird it was to be eating without our son…which wasn’t odd to me at all, since I have adults-only meals at work all the time.

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