Push Presents, With a Twist

A few months ago you may remember my post talking about Push Gifts for new Mommas.  Back when I had Jake, my husband and I exchanged gifts.  With Olivia arriving this past September, our exchange was similar.  Hot new handbag for me, and a gift for him.  And his gift was a little bit better, a little bit bigger, and a lot more personal this time.  Full disclosure- I was a completely miserable preggo lady this time around, and boy did my Husband work his butt off keeping things from turning into an apocalyptic volcanic blowup on a weekly basis.  Here is what I came up with for the family peacekeeper:  A bottle of wine for major baby life events- to be opened after the event takes place!

1.) Our First Date Night Post Baby=  A bottle of really good (read- $$$) red wine.

2.) Running our first 5K= A bottle of Skinny Girl cosmopolitan.

3.) Our First Pizza Friday Family Night= A bottle of red.

4.) The First Night we get Lucky= A bottle of “Naked Grape” Pinot Grigio (*wink wink*).

5.) Our First Weekend Away= A bottle of white.

6.) The First Night Olivia Sleeps Through the Night= A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE.

See a trend here?!  Lots of fun wine with fun themes!  And after nine months sans wine, I get to partake in sharing this gift, too.  This is also a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other life events when you want to get a little creative.



Look- even babies LOVE selfies!

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