This is a shout out to all you online Moms out there. You, answering a first time mom’s question about whether her toddler’s cough is normal or if it’s time to see the doctor. You, offering advice at midnight to an inquiring mom 1,000 miles away about how to soothe mastitis. And yes, you too, sharing that kick ass deal that you saw on Zulily with other penny-pinching Mommas. My hat’s off to you.

I was 35 years old when I had my daughter. I had zero baby experience and although my daughter was planned, I never considered myself exceptionally maternal. Long story short, I was active on Twitter during my pregnancy and through the miracle of hash tags, discovered a slew of other women who were pregnant. We all “followed” each other, and one of these ladies had the brilliant idea of creating a Facebook page where we could “meet” and guide each other through the highs and lows of pregnancy. We compared experiences, asked questions. Three years later, and a handful of these women have become my IRL friends. They live all across the country. And we’re all pretty different, with slightly different parenting styles. We send cards, gifts, make phone calls, text constantly, share kid videos. I even met up with one of these wonderful women in Washington, DC – a halfway point for us – to run a half marathon. (Bless our husbands’ souls for sitting across from each other at a pre-race dinner arranged by a couple of kooky ladies.)

Three girls, three dresses. Farrah, Clara, and Molly.
Three girls, three dresses. Farrah, Clara, and Molly.

I have an incredible crew of girlfriends that live right near me here in Connecticut that I seek parenting advice from and whom have been wonderful supports, but I have undoubtedly had the pleasure of forming an incredibly special bond with these ladies as well. And miraculously, our “Tweety Mamas” Facebook group has managed to handle over 40 members without any BS. And so, I thank you CTWorkingMoms for inviting me in. Because I know you know the beauty of these friendships. And when faced with a fellow mom’s question or conundrum, understanding how to maintain the delicate balance of having an opinion and offering honest advice. And most importantly: refraining from judging other mothers’ techniques. Lord knows, we get enough of that in the real world.

So here’s to you, the cloth diaperer, the disposable diaperer, the formula feeder, the breastfeeder, the stay at home mom, the working mom, the single mom, same-sex parents, the home schooler, the one that painfully struggles with infertility, and the Fertile Myrtle, the “one and done” momma, and the “more the better” momma. Thank you for your fresh perspectives, ongoing support, and ability to quell my nerves about potty training.

7 thoughts on “#VirtualMoms

  1. T- online mommas are like my instant pediatrician’s office, better than google, waaaaay better than Wiki, and i always get the best advice!!!!

  2. I love this so much Tara! So happy to have you here and so happy that you were able to find such a great group of virtual mamas to help you through pregnancy and beyond. ❤

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