Tired Mommy Brain Dump

I was all set to write a fun post about all the exciting family friendly things we did over the Thanksgiving break and then I didn’t sleep for three days.  I blame sick kids who love their mama and want  to sleep with her.  That sure will take a lot out of a girl.  So instead I’d like to consider this a little brain dump of all the stuff that’s been going on in our world that might interest you.  Or maybe it doesn’t, not that it matters.

photo 3
This data comes from my FitBit, which tracks sleep among other things. The blue/green lines indicate restlessness, the pink lines indicate actual time awake!

Over the break we were able to take two family adventures.  One was to Launch the new trampoline park in Hartford.  It was a great time.  I initally thought that the kids wouldn’t be able to do a full hour but we paid for it anyway and we were shocked at how quickly the time went.  Admission is somewhat pricey at $14 per person but I’m willing to bet there will be a LivingSocial or Groupon deal for it in the near future.  The facility was well staffed, clean, and everyone seemed to be following the rules and looking out for the little kids.  Although there is a special area for kids under 42″ to jump.  Honey and I decided it would be a great place to go in the dead of winter when we have cabin fever.

We also had a chance to check out the Maurice Sendak exhibit at the New Britain Museum of American Art.  The kids didn’t love it as much as I thought they would but they enjoyed the museum as a whole, particularly the “cups” piece in the stairwell and the ArtLab.  Out and About Mom did a full review of the exhibit and the museum so I’m going to send you there to check it out. (I told you I was tired.) I will completely agree with her and say that the museum is super kid friendly and we will definitely go back on another free Saturday morning.

I got a treadmill for my birthday.  I wasn’t a offended, I asked for it and the timing and price were right.  The thought was that I’d be able to work out at home and would get back into running.  Since we bought it I’ve used it…twice.  The funny thing is I was naive in thinking that if I had a treadmill in my house free time in which to work out would suddenly present itself.  I’m still waiting for the More Time Fairy to show up.

Speaking of fairies…well elves really…I’d like to pummel strangle thank the lovely people to invented the damn Elf on the Shelf.  This is a great idea in theory.  The kids love it, it’s a cute story, they get excited and do improve their behavior when we say “Bob’s watching”.  But seriously?  It ends up feeling like one more thing I have to remember to do on a daily basis.  I forgot two nights in a row to get Bob from the basement and Lovey told me that “all the other kids at school have there elves already”.  No pressure.  I finally remembered to get him out but let’s see how long it takes before I forget to move him.


My first (and probably only) creative attempt.
My first (and probably only) creative attempt.

I’m making some progress on my home improvements.  My living room rug came in:

Pardon the really bad iPhone shot and the obviously very old pumpkins.
Pardon the really bad iPhone shot and the obviously very old pumpkins.

My dining room is finally done being redone and currently looks like this:

We're missing a switchplate because Kitten painted it with glitter glue while it was off. Not the look I was going for!
We’re missing a switchplate because Kitten painted it with glitter glue while it was off. Not the look I was going for!

Well, truth be told the other side of the room still looks like this:

photo 4

I lost some steam scrambling to get it all done before Thanksgiving and gave up.  Hopefully I’ll finish the trim this weekend.  By the way, this is the best brush for cutting in I’ve ever used:

photo 5

Part of the reason I lost steam was because my downstairs bathroom currently looks like this:

photo 1

I said in last week’s post that I had black mold in my house.  Apparently there was a leaky toilet years ago that was replaced but there was unknown leakage along the floor and up the wall.  This is what’s left after the remediation that took place over three days the week before I was to host my first Thanksgiving dinner.  Thankfully my extended family loves me and wasn’t phased by the lack of sink and missing wall in my bathroom at Thanksgiving.  I’m hopeful that everything will be in place for Christmas and that the wallpaper will finally be gone!

As a little teaser I wanted to let you know that through I will be doing a fun project with a few of the bloggers.  We got to talking and I volunteered to give them style makeovers.  I never thought they’d actually say yes!  Just so you’re not worried that they’re going to end up looking like Lady Gaga I will point out that I am a trained fashion consultant as I worked for CAbi for two seasons.  I’m super excited to help these ladies find looks just for them that work with their budgets.  Stay tuned for more on that in the coming month.

Lastly, I need to update my profile picture for the blog but I’m either too tired or too forgetful (or both) to actually take a picture.  I looked through the camera roll and came across this one that I thought might work.  It truly epitomizes what’s it’s like to be a mom everyday.  What to you think?

photo 1

All photos credit C. Fuss, except that last one, Honey took it.


6 thoughts on “Tired Mommy Brain Dump

  1. The more time fairy NEVER shows up, lol. But the upside is that you have the treadmill if and when the time is right. I love the IDEA of having mine available to me!

    I like the profile pic!

  2. Yup. We bought a really nice elliptical as a “gift for each other” two YEARS ago…the only free time I have to go on it is at night, and I’m just too exhausted. Maybe I’ll have that be my super duper common new year’s resolution. I just always choose relaxing with a glass of wine over sweating then showering when I’m already tired! Also- where did the sleep graph image come from?! That’s so cool!

    1. Glad I’m not alone in the workout issues! The graphic is from my Fitbit. I forgot to include that info. Tired mommy brain. Love the Fitbit,just wish it actually did the work for me!

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