10 Ways to Save Money and Your Sanity on Thanksgiving

This past week I was interviewed by Korky Vann of the Hartford Courant on ways to save money this Thanksgiving. In addition to the tips I gave, I wanted to share more tips on how you can save money and your sanity.

  • Keep Liquor Simple. Instead of spending money making fancy drinks, just buy beer and wine. Also, making Sangria is a great way to stretch out the alcohol.
  • Bring the Outdoors In. Cut down branches, bittersweet and place them along with leaves in clear vases throughout your table. Also, consider going to your local consignment store/Goodwill to purchase any décor items.
  • Appetizers. Try not to overwhelm yourself making all different kinds to please your guests. Just keep it simple.
  • Side dishes. Not only do you ask for guests to bring a side dish, but have them bring a new one every year. This cuts down on cost as well as it keeps people excited about what others may bring.
  • Dessert. Make one main dessert and two-three small dessert options, such as ice cream and brownies.
  • Stock Up. When you’re price shopping a turkey and if you find one thats a great price, buy two and save one for Christmas! They freeze easily.
  • Divide and Conquer. Write down all the chores and errands you need to get done and divide that list amount your family. The husband can go do errands, while you cook and your children clean the house. Wishful thinking I know, but try and make it a family ritual every year. Later that night you can order a pizza to thank everyone for helping!
  • Washing Dishes. Have the husbands wash dishes before desert while the ladies catch up in another room.
  • Paper Plates/Cups. If you hate washing dishes as much as I do, you can buy thick paper plates and cups.
  • Take a 10 minute break. Each Thanksgiving I go upstairs and lay down for 10 minutes. I do some deep breathing, rest and just clear my mind. It really helps to do this in between meals and as a result I come downstairs feeling refreshed and a little less stressed.

Do you have any tips or advice for those hosting Thanksgiving?

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Save Money and Your Sanity on Thanksgiving

  1. Just beer and wine works for me ~ think I’ll take one with me on my 10 minute break. 😉 (I take breaks on Thanksgiving too!)

  2. Some awesome tips! Thank you!

    By the way, my kids’ big new vocabulary word last week in preschool was “CORNUCOPIA.” I was reading your post and my son came over and FREAKED OUT saying, “That’s a cornucopia!!! MOMMY!!!! Mommy!!!!!!!!!!” Haha.

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