My Mommy Photo Confession

My house is lopsided.  No, not literally.  Don’t get all Leaning Tower of Pisa on me.


Since we have moved into the new second house it has become abundantly clear that I stink at being a mother.  My failings on this front are staring me in the face.  Or not, as the case may be.

I have almost no pictures of Kitten in my house.  When I was unpacking boxes of family pictures I realized that we have no framed pictures of her.  We have a large canvas print of her in the family room with one of Lovey on the opposite wall.  There’s also a family portrait from her newborn session hanging in the family room, a picture of Honey’s extended family on the refrigerator (really need to get that bad boy framed), and a picture of Lovey and Kitten-also from the newborn session-on my dresser.  That’s it.  There are also no pictures in her baby book.

Allow me to explain.

Kitten was about 9 months old when we tried to sell our house the first time.  We hadn’t printed out any baby pictures at that point and then had to pack up all family pictures in order to make our house look like no one actually lived there.  We were unable to sell our house the first time around but knew that we would try again so the family photos stayed in boxes until just recently when I unpacked them.  It was almost like opening a time capsule.  All the pictures of Lovey were of her age 2 and younger.  Last Christmas we had a photo calendar made for my parents and got an extra for ourselves so those pictures were up to date, but I never printed them out.

Still, I feel like I’ve failed.  Lovey enjoys looking through her baby book on a regular basis and often Kitten will ask if she can see hers.  Cue the whamp whamp whah sound effect.  Now my daughter is 2 1/2 and still has no pictures in her baby book.  Just this morning Lovey was happily flipping through her baby book and Kitten was flipping through Going on a Bear Hunt.

photo 2
Kitten’s empty page
Do I get points for checking off the demographics?


photo 4
Lovey’s beautiful cover page

I know that a lot of this has to do wit the fact that Kitten is the second child.  I’m the second child and my baby book abruptly stops somewhere around 9 months.  I get it.  I am also a full time working mom which means that there isn’t an overabundance of time to get these types of projects accomplished.  I still have a tremendous amount of mommy guilt about this. This is why I’m confessing my mommy foibles.  I need to put it out into the world so that all you other mommies will hold me accountable.  My email has been bombarding me with coupons to finally get the job done.  My goal is that I can finally have a baby book with pictures completed by Christmas.  I’ll be sure to report back when I’m done.

 Photo of books credit C. Fuss

5 thoughts on “My Mommy Photo Confession

  1. I have one of those books where you write one line a day for 5 years to track the little everyday things we do together, rather than just documenting the milestones. I LOOOOOOVE this idea and kept up with it for a good year. This year is almost entirely blank. I really wanted to write something every single day but it’s impossible. I’m hoping that I forgive myself enough to keep going with it here and there when I can, rather than just dropping the project entirely. It’ll still be fun to go back and read what I do manage to document in there, but I totally get this guilt.

  2. I’m right there with you. You’re doing a great job and you will get that baby book done for her since you know how much it means to her. How cool that they’re so interested in looking at them!

  3. Just keep taking the pictures. Organizing is a good goal, but memorializing is more important.

    I also stopped a few months into #2. He has not been psychologically damaged (at least not by that omission!). I bought albums for the Bar Mitzvah photos but never put them in! But I do have boxes and boxes of photos, so that counts for something. And THEY didn’t get organized until my DIL did it in 2010!!! Oy.

    Now my concern is that I haven’t printed out all the digital photos and I’m just one crashed hard drive away from losing everything. Luckily my wonderful DIL prints out photos of my grandson and gives me a batch every couple of months. I really have to get cracking on this project!!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I bought a baby book for Lills, my only child, and never went back to it to add photos or milestones! You are giving your girls the BEST gift a parent can give – you are a caring, compassionate, supportive and loving mom who will always be there for them. In my opinion, that means so much more than whether there’s lots of photos out.

  5. I love your confession but instantly admit to being the wrong Mom to try to hold you accountable! Just remind yourself, the advantage to the digital age is that at least the film won’t expire in the camera :).

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