Five Things My Pregnant-Self Can’t Live Without

I don’t know if it’s because of my age, or that I have an active toddler, but this pregnancy has been a little tougher on me than my last one.   Here are some items, that have been life-savers to me this time around:

1.  Maternity Leggings – I don’t know what I did without these my last pregnancy! I am living in them pretty much all the time. They are comfortable and oh so versatile. I wear them as tights with boots now that it’s cold out, as pajama pants, and “fancy” pants when paired with a nice (long) sweater and a statement necklace.


2.  My Husband’s Beer Stein – No, not for chugging beer, although I would give anything for a Guinness right now <sigh>. I use it to keep track of how much water I have consumed because I was having a hard time staying hydrated and with pregnancy brain I forget how many glasses of water I drank. If I guzzle down one or two of these babies a day, then I know I am getting all the water I need, not to mention peeing every five minutes. Fortunately, I work from home a lot.


3.  Papaya Digestive Enzymes – For heartburn relief and to help when it feels like dinner is slowly rising up to my chin. These things are awesome, taste like candy, and do not have that yucky chalky taste that Tums do. Basically digestive enzymes aid in digestion, which is often compromised during the nine months a little person is growing inside you and squishing your intestines and pushing your stomach up. Taking enzymes help with that “heavy feeling” after eating or with heartburn after consuming too much of my child’s Halloween candy.

papaya enzymes

4.  Epsom Salts – I have written about the magic of Epsom salts before, but I seriously love warm baths with these little bits of heaven. They are loaded with magnesium which is a natural way to relax and detoxify. They also help you avoid getting those horrid leg cramps you get in the middle of the night, causing you to scream bloody murder and wake your sleeping three-year-old.  My doctor informed me that it is due to a magnesium deficiency, so by throwing two cupfuls of salts into a warm bath does the trick.


5.  Inspiring Childbirth Books – I have been contemplating and extensively researching going for a VBAC this time around, so I need real life stories about childbirth to get me psyched up and know that it is possible to push a baby through my supposedly small pelvis. I feel like I am starting over again and going into the great unknown.  I am currently reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, which is a compilation of inspiring childbirth stories. If these women could do it, so could I (maybe?)!  If anyone has any VBAC success stories, I would love to hear them if you are willing to share!

Ina May

What are some things that helped you survive your pregnancy?


10 thoughts on “Five Things My Pregnant-Self Can’t Live Without

  1. I couldn’t live without Tums – I wish I would have known about Papaya Digestive Enzymes before! Also, the first time around I didn’t get a pregnancy massage, but this last time I did – and it was AMAZING! Just laying on my stomach for an hour was such a treat.

    1. I lived on tums too with my first pregnancy. My massage therapist is the one who told me about the enzymes, she rocks. And I looove pregnancy massages, they have helped me tremendously too.

  2. Love your list! I also LOVE Heather’s VBAC story! Mary Grace, don’t listen to anyone spewing bullshit about your pelvis! Your body (and baby!) know exactly what to do! You got this, Sister! ♥

  3. Mary Grace I have a VBAC Success story. I had to have a c-section with my first son because he was face up and then when I pushed he decied to not cooperate and I could not get him under my pubic bone. I was determined to have a VBAC the second time. I did all I could. I started yoga and went without fail every week to learn how to relax and keep myself from getting too tight. I drank A LOT of water and just went by the idea that I was going to do what I could to have a VBAC. The yoga was awsome and it really did make a difference. I was very dismayed when my doctor decided to schedule a c-section because I was going to be about 2 weeks past my due date. I scheduled the c-section and then finished my Christmas shopping on a Sunday afternoon. Relaxed and went to the movies with my husband (since the older one was with Grammy and Pepere). I went into labor at midnight on the day before my c-section. We went to the hospital on at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning and I delivered him via VBAC at 830 *without any drugs* that was not my choice but he came too fast. I should preface this by telling you my ob/gyn told me when I mentioned VBAC that I only had a 30% chance of having a successful birth that way. I would not change it for the world.

    1. Heather, THANK YOU for sharing your awesome birth story! I definitely have to do more yoga to help move things along. I am totally inspired reading your experience because my ob has said the same thing.

  4. Great list MG! Oddly I’ve actually been getting heartburn lately (I never usually do) so I’m going to have to look into the papaya enzymes!

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