If you want a better job, get one.

So as you all know (or don’t), I accepted a new job when I was 11 weeks pregnant. This is a scary predicament for many mothers. At my last job I was a veteran, work was flexible and I could do it with my eyes closed taking a dump. The next question I’m sure you’ll ask is:

“Why the hell did you leave then?”

There were many reasons but some of the main reasons were simple. I could feel my brain dying slowly from the lack of challenge and I wanted to make more money. So against my mother’s many warnings (“Don’t leave while you are trying to get pregnant! How stressful! You have such a cakewalk!”) I moved ahead, fixed up my resume and went on the hunt for a new, more exciting job.

I explained to my friends that by having a good job I could be picky in my selection. I wasn’t going to pick a crazy, 80 hour a week job with no flexibility and I had a good chunk of experience so I wouldn’t accept anything less than certain parameters that I had identified in my mind. Basically I was in a position where I did not have to jump at the first offer due to desperation. In the past I’ve certainly been in the opposite position where you will basically take anything for a paycheck.

It was actually really refreshing to be able to be honest and make demands at certain points during the interviews. Do not get me wrong, I still did some of the old “song and dance” for my interviews (“What is my worst flaw? Well I am a perfectionist of course!”) but when they asked me what I wanted out of the job I simply straight out told them. I wanted a job that would stimulate my mind, more money and I wanted a certain amount of work-life balance. The best part was that if they couldn’t offer what I wanted I could be like “FUCK OFF” (in my mind anyways) and send an oh-so-nice bullshit email to state I was no longer interested.

My reaction if I didn't get what I want
My reaction if I didn’t get what I want

Even more….I really wasn’t freaked out because I had a decent job. It wasn’t perfect but I liked my boss, and I had been working there for over 5 years.

I can honestly say though the most motivating reason to change jobs was the lack of challenge and mind stimulation. I know as women we often times stay in mundane, mind draining jobs because of flexibility, etc but the fact is if I hate my job or I feel like it’s eating away at my soul, slowly the benefits of that job are harder to see on a daily basis. I feel like when I have a job that I actually like (not love, because let’s face it a job is a job, LOL) and more than just tolerate, it makes things like checking emails every once in a while not so annoying.

Plus if your job is slowing killing you, kids can pick up on that shit. You can try to hide your disdain but they see it.

So to any of my ladies out there sick of your jobs, I;d encourage you to at least just look. You can search for a job you like without worrying about feeding your family but rather feeding your mind. You can make being a working mom actually a good thing rather than an incubus that steals your youth. Take the chance that maybe, just maybe you can find a better job that can still offer you time with your family.

Oh and one last thing….while I had seniority at my last job, that didn’t mean I was immune to being laid off. Being the new person doesn’t guarantee job security either, so that was not a good enough excuse for me to not try something new. At this point you are not safe anywhere and I can’t live in fear of what might happen.

I’ll keep updating you on the new job and how the great pay raise has made my dream come true! Having my husband be a stay at home dad to my son and soon to be born daughter….

But that is a whole other post.

5 thoughts on “If you want a better job, get one.

  1. I’m so happy for you and your new job! I think a lot of people do stay in jobs that might not be very challenging but give them things like flexibility. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that though – each person knows what’s best for her and her family (and I know you agree!). I certainly wish there were more awesome, stimulating jobs that provided flexibility, telecommuting and good benefits that would appeal to moms so that women could feel like they had more opportunities. Looking forward to hearing how life with a stay-at-home dad is!

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