Travel Through the Eyes of a Child

My son and I took our first trip together this past weekend.  It was so unbelievably fun to experience traveling with him and to be reminded once again to find the joy in everyday things.  Here is a list of the top ten experiences my son loved about traveling by plane and our stay in a hotel (or according to Don, the apartment).

photo 4

1. The number of escalators and elevators we were able to ride to get from our parking garage to the Gate.

2. The air train (enough said).

3. The immense selection of food, candy, and drinks available in the airport (who doesn’t love that!).

4. Flying above the clouds.

5. Bouncing on the hotel beds.

6. The continental breakfast.

7. The hotel’s indoor pool.

8. The fact that the hotel gave everyone a morning newspaper (unsure on this one, but his excitement was hysterical).

9. Doing the entire travel experience backwards on the way home.

10. Getting to see his cousin.



3 thoughts on “Travel Through the Eyes of a Child

  1. When I was little it always astounded me how the hotel would leave newspapers at every room. I loved seeing them as I walked down the hallway in front of everyone’s doors.

    I am loving reading all of your posts 🙂 Don is so great!

  2. Number 4 is my favorite because the first time I flew I was 18 years old and on my way to Missouri to go to college. I thought that the clouds were amazing! Donald’s enthusiasm for EVERYTHING is a joy to me! ~Gran

  3. Kids’ excitement about the little things is so awesome. Reminds us to notice and enjoy the little things too!

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