Random Thoughts…

This week I thought I would include my readers in my wonderful, hectic and crazy life. I am going to give you some random thoughts or happening that are occurring in my household. It’s funny because as I write these out I realize this is exactly how my brain works. It is all over the place, constantly running and never stopping. With that said a majority of my life is going amazing so I CANNOT complain that much, right?

1. I am more than halfway through the pregnancy! As a working mother who loathes being knocked up this is so amazing! I still think it is not going by fast enough but I will take the small victories. Oh and we found out we are having a baby girl.

GET THE PINK OUT BITCHES!!!!!        (Photo credit: http://consequentlyslapdash.blogspot.com/2011/05/its-girl.html)
GET THE PINK OUT BITCHES!!!!! (Photo credit: http://consequentlyslapdash.blogspot.com/2011/05/its-girl.html)

2. Speaking of pregnancy I am having crazy SEX dreams. You heard me right. Nothing but erotica themed dreams occurring every night, which in turn makes me want to have sex. So the hubby is extremely happy.

Bow Chica wow wow    (Photo Credit: http://www.ifrog.us/ifacts/)
Bow Chica wow wow (Photo Credit: http://www.ifrog.us/ifacts/)

3. My son turns two on monday. We are celebrating his birthday with a small celebration. Since I have to leave for a business trip on monday we decided to invite people last-minute on saturday. I am so happy to not get sucked into the PINTEREST birthdays. I love pinterest but I cannot create a themed party with little named pigs in a blanket. I am tired god dammit. Plus is my son really going to remember any of that shit? No he won’t even remember this birthday. I will step up my game next year since the first memory I can gather was my third birthday.

Holy shit you used to be a glimmer in your Fathers eye!
Holy shit you used to be a glimmer in your Fathers eye!

4. My new job is going fantastic. I am so glad I went to a new job. I found with my last job although it was easy it was too comfortable and I could feel my brain slowly dying. I was able to find a job that was stimulating, still family friendly and a huge pay increase. It took time and a lot of work (interviewing is like another god damn job) but it happened. I need and crave change even though it scares the hell out of me. If you feel like your job is stagnant I really suggest looking. What is the worst that can happen?

5. Speaking of new Jobs….we are counting down the days until the second little one comes because that is the day my husband changes from his current position to a SAHD. He will be helping me while I am home of maternity leave and our whole lives will be different. I am so freaking excited! He is making my life and career sooo much easier. By having a partner who wants to take on the domestic job (which has got to be one of the hardest jobs ever!) I can finally put the effort into my career. It always seems to take a back seat to my kids, and my husbands work.

7. I miss wine…ALOT (P.S. I do have a glass here or there but it is not the same as downing a whole bottle over dinner after a bad week)

8. I realized that I am glad I got pregnant before my son was two…because I most likely wouldn’t have had another if I knew what the toddler years have in store for me.

9. MUST stop eating cookie dough it is not a good replacement for WINE!

Step away from the cookie dough (Photo credit: http://www.sodahead.com/fun/do-you-bake-from-scratch-or-use-a-mix/question-3835349/?page=2&link=ibaf&q=&imgurl=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8s61whuOOJY/UT6eHRKt0tI/AAAAAAAACZk/Eb4ihULyOBc/s640/Cookie%252BDough%252BCheesecake%252BPie%252B4.jpg)
Step away from the cookie dough


10. I had a crazy year of weddings which was amazing and gorgeous but very time-consuming so I am excited to catch up with people who I have not been able to see due to wedding commitments.


So those are just a few of the random shit that rolls around my head or is happening in my life. There are some other things rattling around in my huge dome but it is not appropriate for children or anyone under 30.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…

  1. Katie, I just love you! So jealy of the pregnant sex! There is NOTHING like pregnant sex! Enjoy, Dear Sister!

  2. Ha – I totally feel you on the ‘getting pregnant before your kid is two’ thing. I had my second when my first was two and a half and I said that a bunch of times when I was pregnant! A girl? So fun for you!

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