Momentage: A Beautiful New App that Moms Will Love

I’ve got the scoop about a brand new app that will change how you share and organize your photos and videos. This beautiful and elegant app is called Momentage. Personally, with all the photos we moms take of our kids, it’s no surprise to me that “mom” makes up the first three letters of their app name.

The aim of Momentage is to be the first social media platform that actually redefines a moment – to be a place to craft and experience moments. Essentially you create collages for a particular moment, or series of moments, by using photos, video and/or sound. There’s even a cool feature that allows you to record your own voice to narrate your moment. Think of it like this – you can actually tell a story about a moment with your child, your family or some part of your life all at once, easily, with total creative control literally at your fingertips. Extra bonus: this app is very visually appealing. It’s elegant, clean and crisp. It’s also very easy to use!

Here’s a moment I created of our blogger Melanie’s recent trip to the TODAY Show:


One last thing that I really love about this app is that you have total control over who you share your moments with. You can decide to make your stuff completely private, you can share with a private group of people or you can share far and wide and even connect with your other social media accounts. YOU have the control and unlike some other social media sites, you actually can make your account completely private if you so choose.

All in all this is a great app, not only for moms but for anyone who enjoys taking photos and being creative. The app is available for download on the iphone, and an android version will be rolled out in the not too distant future. If you download this, let us know how you like it! And you can follow Momentage via Facebook & Twitter to stay in the loop about updates.

Here are a few screenshots of other moments captured by a few Momentage users:



Discover Page

Happy creating mamas!

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