To My Husband, With Gratitude

Dear Hubby,

I am so happy it is gratitude week over at CT Working Moms because it is giving me the opportunity to express to you how grateful I am for our marriage, our family, and the amazing life we have built together. I know it has not always been an easy road to travel, but this journey together so far has been pretty awesome because we make a great team.

Just over 36 months ago we became parents for the first time. To say our lives changed dramatically would be an understatement. In the early months of our daughter’s life you looked a lot like this:

photo (10)
Photo credit MG Peak

It’s hard to believe someone so tiny could kick our unassuming behinds so badly. But you have grown to become a patient, compassionate, and confident father. Our little girl loves her daddy tons since he has a soft spot in his giant heart just for her.

Since a big part of expressing gratitude requires a small dosage of humility, I would like to take this opportunity to briefly apologize for any of my mistakes quirks. Just know that I love you and value your presence in my life ALWAYS.

*I am sorry for all the obscenities I may have shouted at you during labor and through the difficult parts of our child rearing journey.

*I apologize for all future obscenities I will shout at you.

*Sorry for those mornings when I wake at the crack of dawn, stare at you while you sleep peacefully, then ask in a loud voice “are you awake???” It’s because I am so excited to talk to you.

*Sorry for those times I ignore Mia’s cries for mama in the middle of the night just so you get up to comfort her. I do this out of love, since a well-rested mama makes for a happier family.

*When I get stressed out about stuff totally out of your control, I *may* take things out on you. Nobody’s perfect, yet you tolerate my imperfections with patience, love, and humor. Thanks for that.

I am lucky to have many women in my life who have shown me how to be a great mom. But the only person in this world that gives me the ability and freedom to be a decent mom to the best of my ability is YOU. You have been by my side through my quest to “have it all.” This journey has taken many twists and turns (sometimes down dead ends), but you have been my guide, adviser, and companion the whole time. You help me be a better person and mother because you have given me the freedom, support, and love to take on challenges and make choices. I have joy in my heart everyday knowing that you and the little family we have created are my all and everything I will ever need in this life.

With Love and Gratitude,

Your Wife xo

Love this guy!  Photo credit MG Peak
Love this guy! Photo credit MG Peak




4 thoughts on “To My Husband, With Gratitude

  1. I agree with Kriste! I laughed, felt touched. This is wonderful and I adore your hubby!! He is a great guy and you are a wonderful woman, mama and wife!

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