The Scariest Thing About Halloween

Last night I asked “A” what he was thinking of being for Halloween this year.  His response was less than enthusiastic.  “I don’t know.  I haven’t thought about it,” he told me.  Frankly, I couldn’t have been more shocked than if Count Dracula himself appeared in front of me.  This was the kid who had his costume picked out months in advance…with back-up costumes at the ready in the event that someone else in his class, or another neighborhood kid had the same idea.

Maybe his lack of zeal about the holiday is due to the fact that Halloween was “cancelled” the past two years thanks to some freakish weather – last year’s disasterous Superstorm Sandy, and the previous year a six-inch snowstorm blanketed southwestern Connecticut, knocking down trees and power lines and making it unsafe for trick or treat-ers.  Although we improvised with a trunk-or-treat in the school parking lot and impromptu pizza party at our house, it was just not the same – it felt too “forced” – the spontaneity of the holiday was just not there…but it was better than nothing.

But this year it’s different.  There’s been no in-depth discussion of the merits of each potential costume or pouring over the costume store flyer.  No “creative” ideas to dress up the dog- last year he had designs on wrapping the dog in tin foil and making her an astronaut costume – needless to say that didn’t go over too well with the dog.  In fact, there’s been no discussion of Halloween at all – until I brought it up.  School, sports, friends, music, and a million other things have become far more important to him than figuring out what to be for a holiday…and that makes me a little sad.  He’s still looking forward to trick-or-treating, but in a different, more mature way.

I suppose his lack of excitement about an event that’s three weeks away is another sign of him growing up. He’s almost 11 and I suppose the all-encompassing sense of anticipation with which he approached the holiday, has gone the way of the all the costumes he’s worn before.  Ahhh, all those costumes…the superhero, the cartoon characters from favorite TV shows and movies… Looking back at a decade of costumes that reflect his interests and stages of development is pretty cool and slightly unsettling at the same time (where did my baby go!!).


His first Halloween…my little monkey!
Holy I-don’t-know-what-to-make-of-this-Halloween-stuff Batman


I can’t even tell you how many times we watched The Incredibles…or how difficult it was to find this costume.


Luuuuuke…I am your faaaatherrrrrr


He who cannot be named.

Today we went to the costume store and he’s decided to be some sort of Lord of the Rings Golem-like character.  Scary? Strange? I still think he’s precious…


 Happy Halloween!!!


One thought on “The Scariest Thing About Halloween

  1. Haha, I love the costumes! That first pic of him is just way too cute!!! That smile and rosy cheeks are adorable! It really is unfortunate that some of his prime Halloween years were during horrible-weather times!!! Happy Halloween!!! 🙂

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