Non-homemade costumes for Halloween

I greatly admire the parents who make amazing and entertaining Halloween costumes for their children. I love looking at the pictures or witnessing firsthand the creative costumes.


Homemade Costumes
Homemade Costumes

There’s a reason that these types of costumes do not happen in my home:

I am lacking 2 things, (1) creativity and (2) skill

Well, maybe 3 things, (3) the will

When I was a kid, my parents both worked long hours. My mother didn’t sew dresses (she knew I wouldn’t wear them anyway) or make creative costumes for us. My parents didn’t break into the cardboard and create Rubik’s Cubes or Lego costumes.

We went to the drug store and ended up with these:

Photo Credit
Photo Credit
Photo Credit
Photo Credit

Remember these?

The masks poked you in the face all night and the plastic creaked as you walked. But Halloween in Connecticut usually involved temperatures well below 40 degrees, so the costumes fit over down jackets much better than something like this:

I’m carrying on the family tradition of store bought costumes. Or maybe I should say Internet-bought costumes.

We already have ours because my boys were very specific as to what they wanted to be.


Photo by HRobinson
Photo by HRobinson

Both boys will wear the costumes numerous times (Dylan has already worn his 9 times) so it’s well worth the $25 per kid (coupons!). But we do also buy a few post-Halloween, second-hand and even find some on freecycle sites because these boys were costumes year round!

We are very excited for Halloween in this house but we are not ashamed at the fact that we are relying on someone else’s craftiness!


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