Yes, My Husband Is Sexy

My husband is sexy. It has taken him a while to get there, but who cares, he has arrived! He has had some questionable circumstances, made some unseemly decisions, and passed through some awkward phases; allow me to explain the metamorphosis behind his transformation.


You know the first few months when you are falling in love with someone? Everything your new boyfriend does is funny, everything he says is important; you simply can’t get enough! During the beginning of a romantic relationship you feel passionate toward your partner, you find yourself gazing in awe at his masculine qualities and characteristics. This sense of passion causes a high, and in your sense of euphoria you tend to ignore the nagging idiosyncracies that pop up later in life. You think it’s totally acceptable that someone would have soooo much dust on the dash-board of their beater car and not bother to remove it. You find it adorable that track jackets are considered acceptable dress code for any social event on the spectrum. You are in the early stages of love, everything is great and this man you are passionate about is beautiful.

Then, in the blink of an eye you understand that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You are going to marry him. Getting caught in the marriage hullabaloo is fun and exciting, but can also be stressful and overwhelming. At some point during the process you will be in the middle of sampling your twenty-fifth wedding cake, when you will stop mid chew, and think, “we have to do something about that hair.” A questionable hair-line does not mean premature baldness! So what do you do, you encourage him to grow it back. It is easy to be a sexy newlywed. Life is good and the living is easy.

One fall night you will be sitting on the couch watching the Yankees battle the Red Sox for a post season playoff spot, when your water breaks. You will leave the home that you have created together, never to return again as a couple, but rather as a family. A family with a little baby girl who will forever change your lives. For the first few months you will alternate between bliss, and excitement or panic and exhaustion. One winter night you will find yourself smiling across the changing at table at 2am and think, “My God, I hope he doesn’t end up wearing Dad jeans and walking around in white New Balance sneakers.”  When you and your partner choose to start a family and have children, you are presented with a wonderful opportunity; you can grow your love for one another. You can proactively make the choice to leave behind the feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, and blame, and you can choose to allow your children to bring you closer together, not farther apart.

As my family has grown, so has my husband’s appeal. Yes, he looks good in his designer jeans, with his new haircut, preppy cardigan, hipster glasses, and chukka boots. But…he looks his best when he is in his car singing his heart out to songs from ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

“Quiet.” Parker will say to her sister, “This is Daddy’s favorite princess song.” Cameron will smile, Parker will laugh, and I will swoon.

He is even more irresistible playing in the jump house with five girls, when they all decide to line up, hold hands, and do a silly dance to the other side.

A real man’s man!

My heart bursts with love when I find him asleep, dozing peacefully with our newborn daughter.

His charming and alluring features are highlighted when I find him coordinating our daughter’s outfits, negotiating the selection of footwear and attempting a braid or a ponytail.

Just some sexy Dads hangin with their babes!

My husband’s transformation is complete, he is drop-dead sexy, because he is an amazing Dad!

7 thoughts on “Yes, My Husband Is Sexy

  1. Beautiful post! And I agree that my husband is sexiest when he’s in his Papa groove ~ absolutely! (p.s. Fathers should know that’s how they get more sex! 😉 )

  2. Love this post- makes me smile! Cheers to all the sexy dads out there.
    And I have to say, I do love that last pic- sexy dads and babes alike 🙂

  3. Love this. Especially love the part of them quieting down so they can hear him sing along to his favorite princess song. How adorable. A relationship between a father and a daughter sure is something special.

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