Weekly Dose of Magic!

Don’t let the exclamation point in the title fool you ~ I’m sicker than a dog and have very little enthusiasm for anything. But I DO know that counting my blessings is a sure-fire way to make me feel better, even if only for a couple minutes.

So today I’m grateful for:

* Nyquil! Sometimes I’m hesitant to take it when I have a house full of sickies, like I do now, but I figured if I’m sleeping deeper then maybe everyone else will too. Last night it totally did the trick.

* The Dog Whisperer! I just started watching this show and it’s keeping me company right now as I write this post. This dude totally rocks.

* Tissues with lotion!

* The ability and freedom to cancel the few things I had planned today ~ and I’m pretty sure my 8 year old won’t be disappointed he’s not going to the dentist this morning.

* Lemon-grass tea. I’m downing that shit like there’s no tomorrow!

* Even though there was SO MUCH I had planned this week, I know other opportunities will present themselves and I’m not missing out on anything.

* A lovely mid-day date with my hubby on Saturday. I’m VERY grateful that I was able to hold off my sickness until after our much-needed date. We soooo needed to catch up and reconnect and our date made all the difference.

* The rain and clouds the past two days ~ it makes sick-days much easier.

* My 5 year old’s croup seems to be much better today. Thank gawd! ‘Cause croup sucks.

* My hubby, who ran a trial marathon yesterday and came in 9th! And even after he got home all sore and beaten up, he helped me out with our sick family so much.

* The RELIEF I’ll feel in a day or two when I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

Don’t forget to count your blessings today, no matter how you feel!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Dose of Magic!

  1. Uggggh…croup is awful!!! Hope it all improves soon. I’m grateful that I am finally NOT sick, after being sick myself and having sick kids last week and weekend. I’m also grateful for the delicious bowl of macoun apples we picked on Saturday, and for healthy kiddos (you really appreciate that right after sicknesses!).

    1. Oh yes, I sure WILL appreciate the return to health. So glad your family is feeling better. And croup IS the worst, yes it is!!

  2. I’m so sorry you are sick Kate. It seems like so many people have really bad colds. I saw the news about Graeme’s marathon, he is really kicking ass!

    I had probably the hardest week since giving birth last week so a little practice of gratitude this morning is perfect.

    *Snuggling with my daughter at night before she goes to bed. I just love her to pieces.
    *Out of no where, she’s started giving out compliments. Just this morning she said, “mommy I love your skirt!” So cute.
    *Had a little date with my husband not this weekend but the weekend before and it was so wonderful to reconnect. We vowed to figure out how to do it once a month. We both felt so much better just having time together to talk.
    *I’m still healing from a medical emergency last week but I’m doing OK and am proud of myself for somehow actually going to work through most of it. I’m grateful for a boss that’s understanding and co-workers that expressed care and concern.
    *Grateful for my friendship with YOU Kate. Seriously, so really, deeply grateful for you.

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