My Fabulous Life…Courtesy of Pinterest


I’m kind obsessed with Pinterest – the social media site that’s filled with beautiful pictures of homes that I will never own, meals I will never cook, outfits I will never wear, and places that I will likely never visit.  So, why do I love it so much you wonder…?  It’s pure escapism – a visit to an alternate reality where everything is separated into tidy categories – a board for dream kitchens, another board for the fabulous meals that I will cook there, another for the gorgeous clothes that I will wear while entertaining in my beautiful, seasonally decorated home.  Get the picture?  Just pin it and it’s yours.

Not my home…not even close! But on Pinterest it’s mine…mine…bwhahahah.

It’s also the complete opposite of my current life.  On Pinterest, I don’t have to think twice about pinning those beautiful $400.00 shoes, a designer handbag, or couture gown (like I said…the complete opposite of my real life).  It’s like window shopping, but more fun because you can pin it to your board and it’s virtually yours – almost as good as the real thing.  And anyway, on what occasion would I have an opportunity to wear a custom-made Chanel ball gown?  Um, how about never…but it’s just glorious – look at that embroidery!

Of course, I will be wearing this while I entertain in my gorgeous home (see above).

On Pinterest I have a bucket list of exotic destinations – a bungalow on stilts in Tahiti, an ice hotel in Sweden, a balloon safari in Tanzania!  I can essentially plan an entire fantasy trip on one board – from the hotels to my wardrobe – and even get packing tips and a beautifully designed image of the vaccinations I would need to have to travel abroad.  Sigh.

My bungalow is the third from the right…the rest are guest cottages. Care to join me? Just pin away!

I’ve been thinking about why Pinterest appeals to me so much (and obviously MILLIONS) of other (mostly women) users.  Could it be that we all need a little escapism from the routine of our daily lives where we worry about bills, and our kids, and our jobs? Could it be that Pinterest taps into our innate desire to hunt and gather? Or Maybe it’s just that we like beautiful pictures posted in a happy place where people “like” your pins and re-pin your photos to their boards in a “you like this and I like it too!” kind of way.

Or maybe we really do prefer our drinks in mason jars.

mason jar
Served by our own personal butler, naturally.

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