If my baby could understand everything he hears from the womb…

…He would know all the words to “Cups” by Anna Kendrick.  Because it’s on all. the. time.  Because I know all the words.  And because I like the damn song.


…He would also have an appreciation for Mommy’s music, like Norah Jones and John Mayer, and he’d know that I butcher the words to every country song on the radio.  He’d also hear the music that Mommy and Daddy listen to together, everything from the Oldies to Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy.  Hopefully, he’ll like all kinds of music like we do.


…He’d hear all the laughs when we visit with his Aunties, Uncles and cousins.  We can’t wait for him to join in on the fun!


…He would be fluent in Polish as well as English.  I work in a predominantly Polish-speaking environment.  It’s been fun for me to (ahem, slowly) learn the language, but I’m sure he’s fluent by now, hearing it day in and day out.  And, hey, he’s already eaten plenty of delicious Polish food, so why not talk the talk, too?


…He’s know the meaning of phrases like “No, don’t touch that,” and “Time for bed FOR REAL” from when I watch my nieces.  This parenting thing will be a breeze, then, right?


…He’d be hooked on Top Chef, Newsroom and The Big Bang Theory like we are.  And he’d forgive Mommy’s guilty pleasure of the Kardashians.


…He is also lulled to sleep by songs my mom used to sing me when I was little.  It works for my nieces, should work for him, too!


…He would know that I say “good morning” to him every day on the ride into work as soon as I feel him kick.  I think he likes coffee as much as Mom.


…He hears me recap our day every night before bed, and he hears me say, “Mommy loves you so much, and so does your Daddy.  Have a great night.”

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