My Favorite Sounds

I was thinking about how much I love making MGS-1 laugh.  I am willing to make quite a fool of myself just to get him to produce that magical sound.  So that is currently #1 on my list of favorite sounds.  But when his father, MOS-32,  was a teenager, I HATED the sound of his laugh, because he had a very close personal relationship with the television, and I would hear him laughing unusually heartily from many rooms away. It scared me because he was all alone, and it was the sort of laugh you would hear in a party setting.  In my misguided belief that I could prevent him from having mental illness simply by yelling at him, I would do exactly that — yell at him to stop laughing.  Now he jokes that I was a mother who hated the sound of her own child’s laughter, and it’s true.  Not all of his laughter, just the kind where I felt he was enjoying spending time with the TV more than he enjoyed being with other people.  I’m lucky he can joke about it!

I love to hear him laugh now, especially when he and MYS-27 laugh at my expense.  That is definitely one of my favorite sounds.  Here are some others:

  • The sound of a bat hitting a baseball.  When I was a kid, my father would take my siblings and me to see the Phillies in Connie Mack stadium for each of our birthdays.  I loved it!  I didn’t realize back then what a big deal it was to go to a major league baseball game, much less three times a season.  I enjoy watching baseball on TV, but there is nothing quite like being there, especially when your team’s bat is the one hitting the baseball out of the park.

connie mack


  • The sound of the ocean.  Another childhood memory, from spending summers in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and later, visiting my parents in their condo on the beach in Margate, NJ (right next to Lucy the Elephant Hotel).  It is the most relaxing, peaceful sound I can think of, with promises of endless sunny days filled with sand crabs and shells and seagulls, waves and sandcastles and fudgsicles from the man who walked along the beach with a freezer slung over his shoulder, shouting, “Get your Fudgie-wudgies!”  I was lucky enough to bring my kids to Margate for many years when they were younger, so they got to experience that same peaceful and evocative sound that I loved as a kid .fudgie


  • The theme song from Super Mario Brothers.  My 2 sons and 5 nephews were video game fanatics.  Whenever I hear this song, I picture all of them gathered around the TV happily playing.  I once asked MOS-32 how he knew where to find the special symbols that would give Mario and Luigi extra lives, and he said, “I know it in my heart.”  Hearing this music brings me right back to the early 90s, a simpler time featuring a lot of cute little boys!

super mario

  • The opening riff to “Layla.”  There are lots of songs I love more than “Layla,” but those 12 soaring notes make the hair on my neck stand up every single time.


  • The sound my car makes when it starts up.  Many of you are familiar with my passionate love for my car.  It has produced the same vigorous “vroom” every morning for the past 16+ years and it’s a reassuring, familiar, loving sound to me.  “Don’t worry — I’ll take you where you need to go,” it says.

Subaru 1997.2

  • My dog Rosie’s subtle “wff, wff,” when she isn’t ready to burst into full bark mode. She’s just warning the squirrel/cat/plastic bag that she’s aware of its illegal presence on her territory, and if it doesn’t quickly leave, it will be treated to a barrage of loud scary barks.  She weighs only 12 lbs. so the idea that she could be threatening in any way is hilarious.

126Wff…wff…watch out, evil plastic bag!

MGS-1 is just starting to say random words.  He says “Uh-oh” when something falls to the ground, and just this past weekend, he started saying “hat,” while demonstrating that he knows what a hat is.  He pronounces it  “hat-th.”  Hilarious and adorable at the same time!

What are your favorite sounds?


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Sounds

  1. LOL, my kids’ first word (for both) was Uh-Oh. How cute is it to see a pre-toddler saying that?!

    I have nightmares about the Super Mario Bros noise!

    1. It is super cute! I realize I can be over the top about my grandson’s accomplishments, so please be patient with me.

      YOU have Post-Mario Stress Disorder, as I recall, or rather Post-Luigi Stress Disorder. I am sorry to evoke those traumatic feelings by mentioning the song. Perhaps there is treatment for this problem, such as a SMB marathon, in which you always get to be Mario!

  2. I laughed out loud reading that first paragraph! My daughter’s hearty laugh is definitely my most favorite sound. I also love the sound of her breathing when we snuggle. 🙂

    1. That’s why I felt so awful being mad at my son for laughing! I don’t want to scare all you moms of little kids with these tales of future weirdness, but it does happen.

      That’s sweet about the breathing! Sometimes I think I am bizarrely obsessed with my grandson’s every movement, so I’m happy to hear that you revel in that sound.

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