My Day as a Working Mom in GIFs


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Husband leaves at 5:45 AM, toddler wakes up at 5:46 AM:


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Give myself a quick pep talk, hunger games style:


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Spend the next hour and a half entertaining said toddler and somehow trying to get dressed and make my lunch. There’s usually a lot of this:


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With me doing this:


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Cause taking 5 minutes to get my shit together makes my toddler feel like this:


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Then when it’s finally time to head to daycare I’m like:


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I wish the drive to daycare was more like this:


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But in reality, I’m asked a million questions that always start with the word WHY:


Get to daycare, drop her off, pull out of the driveway and I’m like:


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Head to work. I’m really lucky to have a job I enjoy. Most days this is me:


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Then when it’s time to leave and pick her up I get excited because I miss her. Drive back to daycare and hope when we see each other it will be like this:


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But it’s pretty much always like this:


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And I have to practically do this to get her to go with me into the car:


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Which once again results in this:


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But usually once we are in the car for a few minutes she gets like this:


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Then we get home and she sees daddy and gets crazy excited like this:


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And is all like this towards mama:


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Then we play for a while till it’s dinner time. Sometimes I’m just so in awe of how cool she is and how fast she’s growing up that I stare at her like this:


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Then we sit down for dinner and she’s all like this about her food:


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And we have to be super encouraging for her to get a full dinner in:


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But all she really wants to do is this:


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After dinner comes my favorite part of the day. Snuggles on the couch before bedtime:


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Then when it’s time to brush teeth and get pj’s on she’s all like:


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When we tuck her into bed and shut her door, both the hubz and I are like:


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And then the hubs does this:


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While I’m all about this:


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And then we get up the next day to do it all again and wouldn’t have it any other way! I love my little family so much that I feel like this:


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56 thoughts on “My Day as a Working Mom in GIFs

  1. This was sooo adorable!
    I’m not a mom YET but I was searching for a “Why Me” gif and found your post.
    This is NOT SPAM, btw.
    I’m so excited to have my little family some day! 🙂
    Thank you for the laugh 🙂

    Playa del Carmen, MX

  2. AHHHH!!! Michelle!!!! YOU are killing me right now!!!!!!!! I love love love love LOVED this!! Totally has me laughing at my desk. RIGHT ON, MOMMA!!

    1. Ha! Thanks! I had a ball making it. I’m actually thinking we should start a tab up top where we just have a running page of funny working mom GIFS!

    1. Glad you relate 🙂 My daughter doesn’t see my husband as much as she see me because of our work schedules so when she sees him she gets overboard excited lol!

  3. Haha, so cute.

    Oh, and I LOVE the Johnny Depp one and the Blues Brothers one. I’ve got a secret crush on Johnny Depp…

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