Dealing with a Teething Baby

Dealing with a Teething Baby

There is nothing worse than a 15 month old who is getting four new teeth in. The past weekend for my husband and I was nothing but draining. From doing shifts during the day when she wouldn’t nap to holding her constantly while she cried, it was tiresome and sad to watch her in that much pain. I have to say though, my husband and I were a team, we didn’t snap at each other like we typically do when she’s screaming or raise our voice at her when she won’t calm down. Not sure what worked for us this time, but I have to tell you I think it starts with patience and staying calm during really stressful situations.  Also, I believe it comes down to respecting the situation that my daughter is in and validating her feelings while she’s upset. I am a control freak, and while I wish I could get her out of a bad mood or take her teething symptoms away, I simply can’t.

Instead, I can best deal with the situation at hand and that is keeping her entertained, redirecting her when she’s about to have melt down and keeping her physical symptoms at bay.

What works for her teething symptoms is a combination of medicine, herbal supplements and some advice gathered from other moms. I felt inclined to share the list with you all in hopes that one day this might help for your little one too.  

 1. Motrin. We give it to her one-two times a day when her gums appear to be swollen.

2. Chamomile Tablets. We purchase them from Whole Foods and give her 3-4 tablets 1-3 times a day as needed. Chamomile helps with teething symptoms and irritability. It takes about thirty minutes to kick in and I’ve noticed a difference in her mood after taking it. We crush the tablets with a spoon and give it to her by mouth with a little water mixed into the tablets.

3. Mesh Food Feeder. We place her favorite fruit in the mesh food feeder (sold by Munchkin) and place it in the freezer for about an hour. When we take it out, we always rinse it for a minute or so under warm water to take the freeze out before giving it to her. She absolutely loves it!

4. Rice Cakes and toast. Crunching on these helps sooth their gums.

5. Hylands Teething Gel and Tablets. Works great, but I’ve found it doesn’t last very long.

 What advice do you have for moms dealing with teething babies? What has worked for you and what doesn’t? I know for us, Tylenol just doesn’t do the trick.


3 thoughts on “Dealing with a Teething Baby

  1. My company Garden Fresh Baby ( makes teething biscuits with fresh, organic and local produce. Which work great especially frozen. We currently have zucchini, apple, banana and peach.

  2. Luckily we didn’t have big teething issues here. I used one of those water-filled chew toys that had been frozen and that seemed to work for our boys. We also used those mesh feeders but not necessarily for teething, just for snacking on foods that could otherwise choke them or be very messy. Many of my friends used those amber teething necklaces, too, and seem to feel that they work. They certainly look cute!

  3. Ugh teething! Somehow I had no idea that it was so rough before I had kids. I also never knew it goes on, and on, and on! First teeth, then more, them molars! It seems to never end!! Hang in there- hope Maddie is feeling better!!

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