Continuing Education

This week I attended a CPR recertification course required to keep my coaching credentials in good standing. I’m also required over the years to keep up with my continuing education credits to ensure that I’m up to date on the latest information affecting my job.

But where’s my education for my most important job, the one as a mom? I gave birth and the hospital staff actually trusted us to bring this brand new baby home and properly care for it. What are they thinking?? No one taught me how to do this! I didn’t grow up around small children and babysat sporadically, never for an infant. How did this happen?

The truth is you find your way. You do your best to trust your instincts, make the choices that are best for you and your family, and hope you don’t screw it up too much along the way. And now, with the availability and abundance of information the internet, online communities for mothers and slews of books written on every topic imaginable, there are places to turn to for answers. Still, the best support can come from , and always has, from each other and the women who have done this motherhood thing before us. Everything is a lesson, even if we’re learning from others how we don’t want to parent.

As moms, we work hard to give our best to our children. Hopefully, we learn fast enough to get ahead, without getting schooled by our favorite, lovable mini-teachers.

Outlining my lesson plans already. Photo credit C.Allard
Outlining my lesson plans already.
Photo credit C.Allard


3 thoughts on “Continuing Education

  1. It’s crazy that there’s training for every other thing under the sun but not for the most important thing you’ll ever do. Maybe that’s because there’s no right or wrong way? When we read books and try to educate ourselves on parenting, we sometimes make the mistake of taking that advice as gospel. Either read ALL the books and make your own choices of what works for you, or read NONE of them and just wing it. 🙂

    1. I love the point you’re making. Just because we read it in a book doesn’t make it right for our family or situation. And I’m all about informed choices so reading ALL the books makes sense to me but would never be practical. There’s a balance in there somewhere just like anything else!

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