Cape Cod

Cape Cod is…

Seashell hunting on long marshy beaches.

cape cod1

Wave jumping, sunshine, sandcastles and living in your bathing suit.

cape cod6

Boat rides, whales, sunset cruises, kayaking and miles of ocean to explore.

cape cod3Baseball games, trolley rides, mini golf, window shopping, and enough ice cream to spoil your dinners for a week straight.

Hiking, biking, climbing, running, swimming, skipping, and jumping.

cape cod4Lighthouses, hydrangeas, cedar shingled cottages, sand dunes, sunrises on misty mornings, beach campfires, and the most perfect evening light I’ve ever seen.

Summer 2013 396

Connecting by disconnecting, an escape to a different world just a car ride away, having days of no plans fill themselves with memories that will linger for weeks to come.

Summer 2013 147

Years of memories layered one on top of the other, and mapping a child’s (painfully!) fast growth against the same familiar backdrop.

For us, Cape Cod is summer.  For us, Cape Cod is coming home.

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea. – Isak Dinesen


Photo Credit: E. Schreier

7 thoughts on “Cape Cod

  1. Love this. Going to Cape Cod next week. Was feeling a bit stressed about bringing my two little ones but reading this made me relax (which is very hard for me to do) and realize what it’s all about… Making memories with my family however unorganized I may feel I just need to enjoy it. YOLO…

      1. It was perfect timing… I’m putting my anxieties in check and I’m going to just roll with it and have fun! Thx so much! 😉

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