First Haircut Success!



Last week I posted about the anxiety I was having over cutting my sweet son’s locks of Hockey Player Hair.  I totally loved all of the tips from our dear readers, and my husband and I took Jake to a very kid-friendly salon, Snip-Its, in Southington.  From the moment we walked in the door I was already thinking this was the way to go.  It looked like a ride at Disney World! TVs at every haircut station playing movies for kids, fun colors all over the place, mirrors, toys, and everything was perfectly at Jake’s height.  Now, we hadn’t even approached a stylist’s station yet, but already I was feeling hopeful that there would be no meltdowns.  Jake took to the place like a champ, and sat very patiently still during his little 5 minute trim.  He was so absorbed in all of the action and colorful contraptions around him, that I wonder if he even knew what was going on up there!  In the end, he left with quite the big boy hair cut (again, I’m not exactly thrilled to have lost my edgy surfer dude hair cut on him), and a little beach ball prize he earned from being such an awesome kid.  We treated him to a McDonald’s happy meal for lunch, and checked off “First Professional Hair Cut” in the books!!



And here’s Michelle’s sweet girl getting glam at her haircut this week- She’s a total natural at this gig!



Tips for a good trim:

1.) Bring along your child’s favorite toy.  We brought along his favorite stuffed animal Reindeer for him to hold while he was getting his hair done.

2.) Have a drink ready to go (for him, not you, silly momma, although a drink beforehand to take the edge off is advisable).

3.) Talk up the haircut a few days before you go.  We think psyching him up for a trim helped prepare him.

4.) Have a fun activity or treat planned for after the haircut so that he has something to look forward to.  On the way to the salon, we reminded Jake that we’ll be going to McDonald’s for a happy meal after his hair cut.  He was pretty excited about this.

5.) Praise, Praise, Praise.  Praising your child while he’s sitting in the chair is very important- Continue to tell him how well he’s doing, what a great job sitting, how great his hair looks, etc.  Positive encouragement is key!

6.) If it’s your first trim, ask the stylist if you can take a few locks of hair home for memory books, sentimental stuff.  Ours offered us a little ziploc bag for this, and I will be putting it in a memory box I made for Jake along with the date of his cut.

7.) Be ready for Plan B.  My husband and I agreed that if there was a complete and total meltdown and Jake was absolutely not willing to get his hair cut when we got there, then we would not force him kicking and screaming to do so.  Why traumatize further? Take a step back, and try it again another day.

8.) TAKE LOTS OF PICS!!! Oh he looked so cute in that chair with his hair all slicked back while he was getting his trim!


2 thoughts on “First Haircut Success!

  1. Great post, and I’m also glad it went well. I cut my sons’ hair at home until they were into their teens just to avoid all the angst you went through!

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