Living Child Free – Week 1

IMG_2402 (1024x768)

Despite a few obstacles being thrown in our direction,”A” made it to camp in one piece! From the moment we arrived, I was completely at ease leaving him there – the place looked more like a lakeside resort than a summer camp, and they were so well-organized! I kinda wanted to stay too.

First stop: check in, where we were instructed to leave our luggage in a designated area to be inspected by a very thorough bedbug (!) sniffing pooch. Next, the medical tent: throat checked, feet inspected for ringworm and athlete’s foot, temperature taken, and scalp scrutinized for lice. Woo hoo! He won’t be bringing home any pets from camp.

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Onward to his bunk to meet his counselors – two very enthusiastic British lads who seemed to have the whole American camp routine down pat. They talked sports with “A” and then pointed us in the direction of the lake for the swim test (did I mention that this place is super-efficient?!). After swimming eight laps and demonstrating three different strokes, “A” was deemed a level two swimmer – adequate for most activities (thankfully not water skiing, said the slightly overprotective mother).

IMG_2410 (1024x768)

The camp photographer snapped a family photo as we went into the cafeteria for (a very fresh and tasty) lunch. Then we hit the road. As you can see from this photo, the anticipated teary good-bye did not happen.  Yup, that’s my son running in the other direction as I wave goodbye. Show this kid a basketball court and I’m as stale as yesterday’s baguette.

IMG_2411 (1024x768)

This is how hubby and I felt as we pulled out of the parking lot.  Sing along if you like (click the picture for the full video experience):


But we quickly realized that, after 10 years of parenthood, it’s going to take some time to get used to feeling liberated, albeit temporarily. Although physically, “A” is not with me, he’s still perpetually on my mind (I wonder what they are doing at camp today? What activities is he taking part in? Is he putting enough sun block on?). And I’ve been checking (truth) obsessing over the camp’s Facebook page for photo postings so I can catch a glimpse of my little guy.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t been enjoying my “time off” too: I went to the mall, met my exercise buddy for a few laps around the track, had frozen yogurt for dinner when the hubs was out with clients, read actual articles in a magazine (instead of flipping through), took the dog for long walks, finished work projects that needed to be done, had dinner with a friend, and generally relaxed.

And I saved $50 on my weekly grocery bill…which I promptly put into a savings account for camp next year.


2 thoughts on “Living Child Free – Week 1

  1. I love that the camp has a Facebook page so you can follow along somewhat! I can only imagine how odd it must feel to not have him there constantly. At least this gives you a way to check in on him without calling him every 5 minutes, as I’d be tempted to do if it were me (can he even have a phone there anyway??) Sounds like you’re making the most of this time to yourself, though!

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